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PewDiePie speaks out on Pokimane’s copy strike scandal

Published: 17/Jan/2019 20:51 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 2:09

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s biggest creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, has spoken out about the scandal surrounding popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, after she claimed a YouTube video on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Pokimane came under fire after claiming the video of a smaller YouTuber, which covered a Twitter beef between herself and Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem from early November in 2018.

Pokimane has since addressed the issue in an interview with YouTuber ‘Fainted,’ where she discussed showing the Instagram page of another YouTuber by the name of ‘Davcev’ on her stream for re-uploading her content to the platform, among other allegations.

PewDiePie has since given his opinion on the interview, after calling out Pokimane’s initial copy strike in a video on January 11. Pewds shot back at Pokimane’s argument that “non-transformative” videos using her content should be removed, claiming that she – and many other popular streamers – do the same with YouTube videos.

“…Why should you take down videos that you deem are ‘non-transformative,’ when you have content yourself that is arguably not transformative at all?” Pewds asked, noting that Pokimane had played one of his videos while taking a bathroom break during a previous stream.

However, PewDiePie did acknowledge that streamers are often live for hours at a time, understanding that not all of their content can be “original” in such a setting.

Pokimane admitted that she does strike re-uploads of her content at times, as well as videos with “gross or misleading titles,” as stated in a video addressing the issue on January 12.


TikTok Star Zoe Laverne admits she “caught feelings” for underage fan

Published: 29/Oct/2020 12:10

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Zoe Laverne has spoken out after facing a huge backlash from multiple leaked videos showing her allegedly kissing an underage fan.

Earlier this week a video surfaced online showing 19-year-old Zoe and a 13-year-old called Connor exchanging a kiss, confirming previous accusations from ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove and Amber VanPelt.

In the days before, leaked Instagram messages showed that Cody and Amber raised concerns over “very intense” interactions with Connor. Zoe had previously denied allegations of a relationship with an underage influencer.

Despite leaving Instagram in September following a lip-syncing controversy, Zoe appears to have created, and now runs, a fandom Instagram account called “zlpfandom2.0.” Shortly after the videos leaked, she explained via the account that she would be taking a break from social media, but did not address the issue.

TikTok star Zoe Laverne
Instagram: Zoe Laverne
Zoe explained that she and Connor have separated

Her mom, however, did come online to share her thoughts and defended Zoe’s relationship with Connor, saying “Anybody can reach over and kiss somebody. They’re best friends.”

On October 28, Zoe finally addressed the videos on the fandom Instagram account.  She wrote, “I would like to say I am aware of what was leaked.. but Connor was not raped, etc. Connor and I kissed yes.. never had a relationship but we did catch feelings for each other after being so close. These videos were from months ago and we both realized it was wrong and we both cut it off.”


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She explained that she understood the ramifications of her actions, adding, “before anything was leaked I did tell his mom we kissed. She wasn’t happy obviously but she understood that we are both teenagers and that feelings can be caught.

“I am aware that I am an adult and I am aware that I have done something wrong and I am very sorry for what I have done. Connor and I will [livestream] together as soon as this all calms down and explain ourselves.”

She also confirmed that the situation has been settled and the two have separated. “Connor and I have had no communication for 3 days now. We are still friends but we think it’s best to stop talking and work on each other’s mental health and spend time with our families”

Despite the very serious controversy, Zoe’s TikTok account continues to grow above 17 million followers.