PewDiePie slams “awful” TikTok dry-scooping trend

Dylan Horetski
YouTube: PewDiePie / Tiktok

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has slammed the “awful” pre-workout dry-scooping TikTok trend, stating that it’s “a terrible idea.”

Following the trend of his recent reaction videos, Kjellberg uploaded a video to his channel titled: “TikToks latest dumb trend.” In it, the creator talks about an ongoing trend on the short-form video platform where users take a scoop of pre-workout powder without mixing it in water like intended.

Pre-workout is a powder that some people use before going to the gym and can have as much caffeine as three cups of coffee per scoop. This is a dangerous trend, as the levels of caffeine and other ingredients are in concentrated forms until mixed with water.

As reported by Newsweek, a fitness influencer was sent to the ER with high blood pressure and brain swelling after chasing more than four dry scoops with mixed versions of the powder.

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PewDiePie slams TikTok trend

While showing a couple of video examples of the trend, Felix explained: “I think this has gone for a while actually, but TikTok is now trying to shut it down.”

Going on to mention the first time he tried pre-workout powder, he described a tingling feeling like he was “dying.” The YouTuber went on to say: “Preworkout is really f**kin strong, so of all things to consume without drinking water, it just seems like a terrible f**kin idea.”

“There’s nothing funny or cool about it, it’s just really dumb. It didn’t stop anyone though,” he continued later in the video. PewDiePie went on to mention that he believes you really don’t have to drink anything at all before a workout.

“Just say that you may die if you do this trend, that’s the only way it’s gonna stop me if I was 12. Don’t tell them it’s dangerous, it’s just going to make them want to do it more ya idiots,” he said towards the end of the video.

As mentioned above, dry-scooping is a very dangerous trend and could lead to massive health problems and even death.

If you take pre-workout supplements, do it responsibly.