Viral TikTok shows incredible retro Pokemon tattoo tributes

Dam McWilliams/Nintendo

TikToker and tattoo artist Dan McWilliams has gone viral for his amazing artwork showcasing the world of Pokemon, with some retro flair sprinkled in.

Pokemon tattoos have been a prominent part of the fanbase since the franchised launched all the way back in 1996.

Now, LA-based artist, Dan McWilliams, has gone viral on TikTok for his incredible retro-inspired Pokemon tattoos that span multiple generations of the series.

squirtle alakazam tattooDam McWilliamson/Nintendo
Squirtle and Kadabra have never looked better.

Pokemon tattoo TikTok goes viral

Dan’s TikTok page has blown up recently, as he’s created stunning videos of before and after he tattoos his clients.

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The style he goes for with Pokemon tattoos is to have them bursting out of a GameBoy or GameBoy Color, using bright colors that blend together like a painting on a canvas. His Charizard tattoo is particularly special, as the dragon’s fire-red contrasts well with the purple GameBoy Color.

The Charizard video currently sits at just under 2 million views, which is his most viral video to date.

Another incredible piece he did was of the legendary beast Entei, where he’s stepping out of a gray GameBoy in commanding fashion.

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More of Dan’s work can be seen on his Instagram page, where you can see his work beyond Pokemon.

Considering he’s also very skilled in designing anime, pop-culture, and nature tattoos, we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the future.

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