PewDiePie revives old video series in hopes of beating T-Series - Dexerto

PewDiePie revives old video series in hopes of beating T-Series

Published: 18/Nov/2018 21:07 Updated: 18/Nov/2018 21:09

by Virginia Glaze


Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is currently the most subscribed creator on YouTube – but Bollywood label T-Series is close behind.

While T-Series lacks just over 200,000 subscribers before it can overtake Kjellberg (as of November 18), YouTube’s biggest creator may have hatched a plan to effectively defeat his Bollywood nemesis – and even promote greater audience engagement, in the process.

Kjellberg announced the resurgence of his Book Review series, in which he and his audience read and review a selection of books in tandem.

“You noticed how as soon as I stopped Book Reviews, T-Series swooped in out of nowhere and took over?” Kjellberg said in an announcement video on November 18. “…I must review books again. That’s what everyone wants. That’s what will stop T-Series.”

PewDiePie likewise started a subreddit for the initiative, allowing his audience to recommend their own titles, as well as offer comments and criticism on the books they read together.

Kjellberg admitted that he felt this dialogue was missing from his channel, stating that his focus on defeating T-Series had distracted him from making content that he personally enjoys.

“Hopefully, we can have more of a dialogue going, because I felt like that was what was missing,” Pews stated. “…in this pursuit with T-Series, I’ve been too focused on the numbers, and pushing that narrative. …I also just miss doing what I feel like.”


While PewDiePie has seen a massive increase in subscribers following MrBeast’s citywide ad campaign, T-Series is on the rise, yet again – and their current growth could mark the final battle between the two channels.

However, MrBeast teased another major project for PewDiePie’s next subscriber milestone (should the nine-year-old army hold out long enough), which could likewise incite another influx of support for the king of YouTube.


Alexandra Botez responds to creepy Twitch viewer asking to see her feet

Published: 29/Oct/2020 23:01

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer and chess guru Alexandra Botez wasn’t going to put up with trolls asking to see her feet during a live stream.

During the broadcast, as Botez was challenging players in chess, a viewer decided to ask the streamer if they could see her feet – something that promoted a hilarious response from Alexandra.

“Sir, you’re not seeing… you know what,” the frustrated streamer began, before pausing with a smirk. “I’m going to show you what’s on my feet, and you’re going to stop asking.”

With that, the 25-year-old lifted up her shoe and showed it off in front of the camera.

Alexandra Botez holds a shoe
Mess with the Botez, get the shoe.

“I’m wearing these clogs, okay? This is all you need to know. And if you would ask me that in person, I would turn into Romanian Botez,” she added.

Next, Alexandra pretended to smack the person with her clog while rambling on in Romanian.

“And I would hit you in the head with my shoe,” she warned. “And you wouldn’t see feet because your vision would be blurry.”

Amusingly, after that whole rant, the streamer went right back into challenging whoever she wanted to play next, as if the whole foot fiasco never even happened.

Fans have requested feet before

This isn’t the first time that Alexandra has been asked to show her feet, oddly enough. Earlier in 2020, a viewer donated $3 and asked the streamer to reveal her highly fetishized body part.

Instead of showing them off, however, she simply drew a foot on a piece of paper and held it up for the camera, which confused her two on-stream guests.

“Someone donated to show feet,” she explained, prompting some laughs in the chat.

While Botez has handled the foot remarks quite well thus far, the next time someone dares to ask the chess queen to slip off her shoes to expose her feet, they could be getting a clog to the skull.