PewDiePie Reacts to Cringey Esports Moments - Ft. Nadeshot, Crimsix, Seagull, Pala and More - Dexerto

PewDiePie Reacts to Cringey Esports Moments – Ft. Nadeshot, Crimsix, Seagull, Pala and More

Published: 4/Sep/2018 18:35

by Calum Patterson


PewDiePie has delved into the world esports interviews and handshakes – where there is no shortage of awkward encounters, reacting to the most cringeworthy moments competitive gaming has to offer.

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Esports is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world currently, as it pits the best competitive gamers against one in other for massive and always increasing prize pools and acclaim.

But, along with the fascinating entertainment and competitive atmosphere, esports has always had its own quirks, which in many ways have likely aided in its success, but are funny to react to nonetheless.

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PewDiePie’s cringe compilations from the E3 gaming convention are some of his most popular videos, so he has turned to esports next, finding some of the most infamous ‘hand-shake’ moments from down the years.

He is also himself known to have less than competent hand shaking ability himself, as he admits in the video, but nothing is quite as bad as handshakes in esports.

My favorite thing about esports, isn’t how good they are at video games, it’s how bad they are at human interactions, because they’re always forced to put that on the test as well. 

Any time they go against each other, they have to finish off with some form of human interaction – whether it’s handshake, bro fist, high-five or hugging. 

But, rarely it ends well and it leaves us with an infinite source of great cringe material.

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The video features some of esports biggest stars too, from former OpTic Gaming teammates Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and Ian “Crimsix” Porter, to former professional Overwatch player, Brandon “Seagull” Larned.

Perhaps the best moments however, are those during interviews with players, one of which features Seagull, and another with CS:GO presenter Pala.


But it’s all fun and games, and even the esports players themselves can poke fun. The opening sequence features a ‘handshake fail’ montage put together by UK esports organizer Gfinity themselves.

And OpTic’s Crimsix wasn’t too upset about his cameo appearance.