PewDiePie makes guest appearance on Drama Alert to help defeat T-Series

Virginia Glaze

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg made a special appearance on an episode of Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s Drama Alert show – with a hilarious call to arms.

Before the episode began, KEEMSTAR noted that his voice was hoarse due to a recent sickness, and decided to call in some help to pull off his classic intro.

After a faux phone call, none other than ‘Pew News’s’ Gloria Borger appeared on screen, with a special story regarding PewDiePie’s close race against Bollywood label T-Series to secure the most subscribers on the platform.

“We interrupt this news segment for another news segment,” Pewds said, under the guise of Gloria. “PewDiePie… is losing the war against T-Series. …Now, it’s closer than ever. Subscribe, god dammit!”

While Pewd’s feature on the show was short, his message rang loud and clear – the YouTuber is now less than 300,000 subs above T-Series as of January 25, as the label continues to climb in numbers despite their videos having comparatively minor views.

However, T-Series isn’t the only channel competing with PewDiePie; YouTube group Dude Perfect openly challenged the long-standing king in a ‘Breaking News’ video on January 21, where they also announced an upcoming live tour.

However, Dude Perfect sits at a mere 38 million subscribers – a far cry from PewDiePie’s own 82 million subs and counting.

Pewds may be able to pull out all the stops with a massive lead in the near future, thanks to a plan concocted by popular YouTuber MrBeast, who hinted that he may have purchased an ad for the 2019 Super Bowl to help aid the Swede’s cause.

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