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PewDiePie confuses fans by uploading YouTube video from 9 years ago

Published: 2/May/2020 17:52 Updated: 2/May/2020 20:21

by Brent Koepp


Fans of Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg were left baffled when a nine year old Call of Duty: Black Ops video from the beginning of his career was uploaded to his account. 

PewDiePie may be known today as the largest individual YouTuber in the world with over 104 million subscribers, but the Swede initially got his start a decade ago playing games like Minecraft, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

However on May 2, a nine year old Call of Duty Lets Play was uploaded to his account instead of new content. This kicked off speculation among his fanbase as to what the clip from his past could mean.

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PewDiePie fans baffled

Subscribers to the YouTuber were surprised when his latest upload appeared to be a Call of Duty Black Ops commentary. Only thing is – the content was from 2010.

This quickly kicked off speculation among the fanbase who wondered if it was a hint at further CoD content, or a glitch with the platform’s video scheduling.

However the Swedish entertainer quickly cleared things up with a pinned comment on his channel that explained, “…Accidentally published this. It’s a video from 2010.”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish entertainer explained the video was uploaded by mistake.

While he quickly admitted it was a mistake, it didn’t stop fans from hilariously making memes about it. Over on his subreddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions, the community expressed their initial confusion.

Posts like Reddit user ‘yurmum10′ joked that it was Pewds’ awful internet to blame. “Imagine having a small pp internet that it took you 9 years to upload another part of your COD gameplay,” they wrote.

Reddit: yurmum10
PewDiePie fans memed on his accidental upload.

Another user ‘Spoopy09’ echoed the same sentiment, however exclaimed that it was his internet browser that led to the mistake: “When you’re using internet explorer, and the upload took eight years.”

Reddit: Spoopy09
Over on his subreddit, fans continued to joke about the 2010 video.

Despite the accidental upload to his channel, the video managed to pull in over 500k views at the time of writing. Quite the impressive feat for a video close to 10 years old.

While it doesn’t appear that PewDiePie will be tackling Call of Duty any time soon, his mistake shows that fans still want his gaming content. And if nothing else, it generated some great memes.


TimTheTatman rage quits after finding three fishing rods in Fortnite

Published: 5/Dec/2020 1:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite players know all too well what it’s like to land in a hot spot and struggle to find a weapon, including TimTheTatMan, who hilariously rage quit after he found nothing but fishing rods.

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has jumped back on the Fortnite bandwagon in Season 5. The latest update has brought a lot of old stars back, and for the most part, the reception has been positive.

In Tim’s case though, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. He wanted to enjoy everything the new season has to offer. Instead, all he got was fishing rods and lots of them.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
TimTheTatman is a talented gamer in his own right, but he’s also hilarious to watch.

TimTheTatman descended onto Salty Towers with his squad, looking for an ideal place to land. Unfortunately, the two vacant rooftops he saw both had fishing rods. “Oh good, a fishing pole, oh good, another fishing pole, okay,”  he said.

He decided to land on a house instead. “If I come in here and there’s a fishing pole, I’m leaving,” he said while breaking into the attic with his pickaxe. “I’m literally not kidding. I’m backing out if there’s a fishing pole in here.”

Fortunately, there wasn’t one in the attic, but there was nothing else either, so he dove a little deeper. He dropped down the staircase, turned left it into the kitchen, and hilariously found another fishing rod staring into his soul.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
Epic Games
It’s not ideal to find a fishing rod as your first weapon in Fortnite.

Without saying a word, TimTheTatman opened up the menu, quit the game, and placed his hands on his head in disbelief. “I’m not doing it,” he said, as he struggled to find the words to sum up his rage.

“The two guns I was going to land on [were] fishing poles,” he added. “I open up a door and go left, fishing pole. I’ll try again. When you guys are done, I’ll be ready to go again. I’m not going to play that game. I’m not going to do it.”

There’s nothing worse than landing in a spot surrounded by enemies and finding nothing useful.

Still, TimTheTatman’s fans were rolling on the floor laughing after seeing him get so riled up about it. Plus, the fact it happened to be a fishing rod made it even funnier.