PewDiePie claims it’s “hard to side” with Deji amid feud with KSI

Virginia Glaze
KSI, PewDiePie, Deji - YouTube

Popular YouTubers KSI and Deji Olatunji are caught in the middle of a bitter feud, once again, with Deji accusing his older brother of physical abuse and even threatening legal action – but YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is finding it hard to sympathize with the younger sibling.

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PewDiePie weighed in on the matter during an episode of ‘Pew News’ on June 7, where he applauded KSI’s response to the drama, who had debunked and given context for all of Deji’s claims in an hour and twenty-minute-long video on June 3.

“Maybe Deji had some points that were fair, maybe KSI wasn’t a great brother, or whatever, but I think KSI did a really good job explaining his side of the situation,” Kjellberg said of the issue.

[Timestamp: 2:25 for mobile viewers]

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The Swede went on to criticize Deji for placing midroll ads throughout his video accusing KSI of abuse, claiming that it was difficult for him to take his side when his upload directly followed the highly publicized drama surrounding beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

“I gotta say, Deji’s video has midrolls on it,” PewDiePie continued. “…It’s kind of hard to side with someone who puts that perspective on it. Especially when KSI made a lot of good points.”

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Kjellberg likewise commented on Logan Paul’s copyright strike on KSI’s response video, the revenue from which KSI claimed would benefit suicide charities.

While PewDiePie laughingly mocked Paul for claiming the video, he noted that his claim had ultimately been an accident, and called the entire debacle “dumb.”

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has since deleted this Tweet mocking KSI after claiming his video reply to Deji, later admitting that he’d “jumped the gun.”

KSI and Deji’s latest feud cropped up after Deji relisted his diss track against his older brother, which he’d removed in an attempt to end their previous feud in early 2019.

KSI then claimed that he was washing his hands of his little brother, who came forward with allegations of physical and mental abuse, later following up with a second video threatening legal action against his older brother should he take the issue any further.

The eldest sibling then released a long video debunking Deji’s claims despite his threats of a lawsuit, with Deji ultimately conceding to handle the matter in private.