KSI responds to Deji’s claim he physically abused him

by square1


YouTuber Olajide William 'KSI' Olatunji released a nearly 80-minute video responding to brother and fellow YouTuber Oladeji Daniel 'Deji' Olatunji's accusations of abuse again him.

In wake of all of the exposed videos hitting YouTube, Deji released a video over 40 minutes long accusing KSI of abusing him both physically and emotionally over the years.

Deji had numerous examples and shared clips of videos where he felt uncomfortable, also claiming KSI never had his back when diss tracks were being made about him.

KSI, Twitter
KSI, Twitter
KSI posing with his brother.

KSI refuted a lot of the claims made by Deji, including the videos that involved pain such as punching each other while wearing boxing gloves. He says that everything they've done was only done for entertainment.

"Even you do challenges where you harm yourself and make yourself vomit for entertainment," KSI said. "Everything we do, we do it all for entertainment and that's it."

Instagram: Deji
Instagram: Deji
KSI and Deji.

KSI sounds blindsided by the accusations of abuse, something he says was always viewed by him as friendly banter.

"It is not normal for siblings to have banter between themselves?" he asked. "I've honestly never seen the jokes that we do a big deal, from my point it's just friendly banter between brothers. I would've loved for you to tell me personally how you felt about these videos or the banter between us. If I knew it was a serious issue for you I would've stopped."

Responding to the diss track allegations, KSI claims he just remained neutral the whole time. Deji said KSI doesn't support him or reciprocate the love he gives, which is what led to him releasing the diss track against KSI.

"You say I don't support you, but I have publically and private," KSI explained. "I even made a public video back in December where I mentioned all the times I've supported you."

Deji said his diss track on his brother was based on known facts, something that KSI disagrees with. He calls Deji going on Logan Paul's podcast a "betrayal."

While KSI called for viewers to not pick any sides in this matter, it appears that decision has already been made.

Deji is losing subs

When Deji's first video came out accusing KSI of abuse, it was KSI who was losing subscribers. Now that we have KSI's response, we see the tables have now turned and it's Deji losing subs now.

Deji will surely have some sort of response to this rebuttal, so stay tuned for that.