Deji accuses KSI of years of mental and physical abuse in emotional video

by square1


Famous YouTuber Oladeji Daniel 'Deji' Olatunji released a nearly 46-minute video explaining why he is cutting off his brother and fellow YouTuber Olajide William 'KSI' Olatunji after years of making videos together.

Following all the drama in the YouTube community with ProJared, James Charles and Tati, Tfue and FaZe, Deji is the latest to start more controversy, uploading a video accusing his brother KSI of abuse.

The two siblings have made videos together for years, but Deji has become fed up with what he claims is a history passive aggressive, violent and mental abuse, and decided to speak out.

KSI, Twitter
KSI, Twitter
Deji (right) posing with his brother KSI (left).

Deji let it all out on KSI

Deji accused his brother of undermining him in videos, abusing him and manipulating fans on Twitter and YouTube into leaving abusive comments.

He mentions that challenges between him and his brother in videos often involved pain, whether it was being whipped with a belt or punching in the stomach, one way or another someone was hurt.

Over the course of the video, Deji goes through numerous examples of KSI wronging him, whether it's from making fun of him in front of his parents, not taking Deji's side over a diss track and just overall not having his back.

"As I look at the previous years, it looks like my brother doesn't really support me," he said. "The love we both have isn't reciprocal."

Deji - YouTube
Deji - YouTube
The text messages from KSI to Deji after KSI took his friend's side over Deji's after a diss track.

Deji says he supported his brother through claims against him and when he took a break from YouTube, something he doesn't believe was given in return.

"I've supported him with his music," he said. "I've supported him when he had sexual claims regarding his videos, all those videos he used to do. I've supported him in everything, even when he took a long break on YouTube I still supported him."

How will KSI respond?

Following this video, many fans were waiting to see what KSI had to say about everything. 

All he has done so far is post a screenshot of the thumbnail of Deji's video with a picture of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas running while saying "Ah shit, not doing this again."

The two have a very well-documented feud, with KSI saying he was done with Deji as recently as May 2.

If this video picks up steam, we can almost definitely expect a proper response in one way from KSI. If there's one thing we've learned from all the drama lately, we have to wait until both sides say something before jumping to any decisions.

KSI has already began losing subscribers on his multiple channels following the release of Deji's video.