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‘Pearadise’ content house founder Stefan Wilhelmy suing former members after “uncomfortable” allegations

Published: 14/Jul/2021 17:53

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


TikToker Stefan Wilhelmy is suing former members of the Pearadise content house for defamation. The ‘body-positive’ group have been under fire since May 2021 due to allegations of inappropriate behavior. At least two of the women who came forward are actively raising money for legal fees.

The house formerly known as ‘BBW Pearadise’ has over 171,000 followers on TikTok. Billed as a “body-positive, all-inclusive” environment, Pearadise has undoubtedly made viewers feel comfortable in the skin they’re in. As well as a large platform on TikTok, the house has a dedicated Discord server for fans.

Pearadise was founded by software developer Stefan Wilhelmy. His official website states that he has “absolutely no problems going out with a beautiful, big girl.” He stated he wanted to “support” the “beautiful and exciting new community of body positivity.”


The account regularly posts travel vlogs, cooking videos and lifestyle content on their TikTok. Fans have often shared stories of their own insecurities in the comment section. “My weights (sic) never been accepted by people,” stated one. “I need this whole energy (and) vibe,” commented another.

TikTok Pearidise House Lawsuit
TikTok: piggystardust
TikTok user @piggystardust was the first to bring light to the allegations

What are the allegations against Pearadise?

On May 25, TikTok user ‘Piggy Stardust’ (@piggystardust) made several claims about Stefan’s intentions behind the account. She didn’t feel like Pearadise actually was a “safe and positive” space. “All the videos I see seem to be fetishizing bigger girls,” she said. “More than making them accepted and normalized.” Commenters noted  “bad vibes” from Stefan.


‘Piggy’ claimed that she wanted to “speak out” on “some of the red flags that made me nervous.” She alleged that Stefan would “lure” plus-sized women into the Discord before sending “unsolicited pictures and… messages.” She claimed that some women were, in fact, turned away from the server for being “too small.”

At least two other women have since come out with their alleged experiences at Pearadise. User ‘Savy’ (@spoiledmiwk) claimed Stefan made her feel “very uncomfortable,” often “touching” her “without permission.” User Alexandria (@bigporkychop) stated the situation “broke” her.

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Stefan launches lawsuit against the former members

In a now-deleted statement posted on his website, Stefan denied the allegations against him. “I take these allegations very seriously,” he said. “They are horrendous claims that I have NEVER (sic) been a part of in my life.”


‘Piggy’ stated on July 14 that she is having to “launch” her new store in order to “help with legal fees.” She claimed that all she wanted to do was “warn women about a dangerous TikTok account.”

‘Savy’ is crowdfunding her legal fees via GoFundMe, and has raised $100 as of July 14.