Olivia Rodrigo confirms romance rumors with Adam Faze after kiss photos go viral

Olivia Rodrigo holds her albumInstagram: oliviarodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has seemingly confirmed her highly-speculated romance with Adam Faze after getting caught locking lips with the producer by paparazzi.

While Olivia was already popular thanks to her starring role in Disney’s ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,’ the internet went crazy when she released her song ‘Drivers License,’ which swept the charts and now has over 245 million views on YouTube.

The popularity of the song led to a lot of speculation about the young star’s love life, with many thinking the song could have been written about co-star Joshua Bassett.

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Although that particular part of the drama has died down amid Olivia releasing her wildly popular debut album SOUR, many fans are still keeping a close eye out for any news when it comes to her relationship status.

Olivia Rodrigo in an Instagram pictureInstagram: oliviarodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License broke records

After she attending the Space Jam 2 event with stars like Lil Huddy and Charli D’Amelio, many fans thought that Olivia could be involved with a producer by the name of Adam Faze.

Videos captured at the event show the man alleged to be Adam with his arm apparently around the star, and paparazzi videos show the pair together.

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However, some have raised issues with a potential age gap between the pair. Olivia is 18-years-old, and a viral TikTok video alleges that Adam could be 24-years-old, based on old information from his Forbes writer bio.

Are Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Faze dating?

After nearly two weeks of speculation on social media, it appears that Rodrigo and Faze are definitely in some sort of relationship, thanks to a few sneaky photos taken by paparazzi.

The pics show the Disney star locking lips with Adam as they lean against a car, alongside several other affectionate photos captured by the paps’ cameras that have gone viral online.

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Rodrigo hasn’t made a public statement regarding her new romance just yet, leaving fans itching for more details as the internet buzzes over this latest celebrity pairing.

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