OTK threatens to leave Twitch over branded stream restrictions

Virginia Glaze
otk-threatens-leave-twitch-branded-content-restrictionsOTKNetwork, Twitch

Streaming group OTK has seemingly threatened to leave Twitch after the platform unrolled new guidelines and restrictions of branded broadcasts.

On June 6, the internet was set alight with backlash against Twitch after the platform announced new guidelines for branded content starting on July 1.

These guidelines restrict what sorts of advertisements are allowed on branded streams, as well as what content is and isn’t allowed to be advertised on the site.

For example, Twitch now prohibits “political content, adult-oriented products or services, weapons, tobacco products, certain financial products and services,” on top of “medical facilities and products.” Alcohol, however, is allowed — with some restrictions.

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That’s not all; Twitch also states that no “burned-in” display ads, audio ads, or video ads are allowed on branded streams and that logos on-stream must be no bigger than 3% of screen size.

These restrictions have sparked a wave of backlash against Twitch, with the likes of MMO star Asmongold outright calling for a boycott of the platform in the hopes they’ll roll back this decision.

Other broadcasters such as CouRage have used the outrage as a way to advertise for other sites like YouTube, where a slew of other top broadcasters have moved over the past few years.

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Now, it looks like a major streaming organization might be making the jump as a result of Twitch’s latest business decisions.

OTK co-founder threatens to pull org from Twitch amid branded content restrictions

Tips Out, co-founder of streaming and gaming org OTK (of which Asmongold is a member), published a statement via Twitter in response to the latest Twitch news, saying the group will leave the streaming platform if these changes go through.

“If this goes through, OTKnetwork will be leaving Twitch,” he wrote. “This is a direct attack on our business, staff, and all of the hard work we have put into our organization.”

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In addition, Tips also said that OTK will release an official statement on the situation later in the day.

Mizkif claims OTK may move to YouTube, Rumble, or Kick

Mizkif, also a part of OTK, spoke out about the situation as well, saying that the org will likely move to YouTube, Kick, or Rumble if Twitch’s new restrictions become law for the platform’s streaming talent.

“The Streamer Awards will not be possible,” he wrote. “Any high quality production will be too expensive to make and will not be possible.”

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OTK pens open letter to Twitch amid branded content restrictions

Shortly after these statements, OTK published an open letter to Twitch, where it harshly criticized the platform for its “anti-creator” policies while reminding the site of its own ongoing live shows.

“These shows, as well as other community favorites, cannot exist under the suffocating canopy of these new branded guidelines,” their statement read. “Small streamers who rely on their once-a-month Hello Fresh sponsorship cannot pay their bills under these new guidelines.”

Although several OTK members threatened to leave Twitch for good, it looks like any potential move is still up in the air after the platform apologized for the backlash their new guidelines created and promised to remedy their “language” in the near future.

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