OnlyFans model “traumatized” after being forced to abandon cat in Taiwan

Virginia Glaze

TikToker and OnlyFans model ‘Ninadoesthemost’ was “traumatized” after being forced to abandon her pet cat in Taiwan when she attempted to bring her furry friend with her to Bali.

Traveling with pets can be a seriously stressful experience — both for the owner and the animal.

Airlines can have strict restrictions as to what kinds and sizes of animals are allowed in a plane’s cabin, sometimes forcing them to fly in the cargo hold. Animals can also become acutely anxious on flights, leading to possible health issues.

However, one woman’s flight to Bali with her pet cat turned into a veritable nightmare after she was forced to leave the feline behind.

Ninadoesthemost is a popular TikToker and OnlyFans model who was forced to leave her cat behind during a trip to Bali in what she calls a “traumatizing” experience for both herself and her pet.

OnlyFans model forced to abandon cat on trip due to airline “human error”

TikToker and OF model ‘Ninadoesthemost’ documented the stressful moment she was forced to leave her cat behind in Taiwan during a trip to Bali. A clip taken from the interaction showed an airline employee telling Nina that had to fly back to the United States “today” — without her cat.

“Can I be with my cat?” she asked, clearly in distress. “No? She can’t be locked up for hours. …does anybody care that she’s an animal that hasn’t eaten?”

According to Nina, she had “made sure” her cat had all its “proper paperwork” from veterinarians, who had given her “travel certifications” specifically for Indonesia.

However, in spite of all these precautions, Nina was told that she couldn’t bring her cat into the country — despite paying $1,300 for her vets to look up travel requirements and sign off on everything.

“You let me pay almost $1,300 in travel expenses and certifications knowing — or maybe you didn’t know, clearly — that the cat couldn’t come,” she said in her video.

Nina claimed that she was denied boarding her flight with China Airlines as she purportedly hadn’t paid for her pet. After making the payments and getting to an airport in Taiwan, Nina was told she had to book it back home on her own dime due to “human error.”

Nina’s kitty cat was left in its carrier for 38 hours with no food, water, or place to relieve itself.

Luckily, Nina was eventually reunited with her cat, who appears to be healthy despite urinating and throwing up on herself in her cage.

Nina claimed that she was met by a gate agent when she landed back stateside who knew about the situation. The TikToker also claimed this is “just the beginning” of her feud with China Airlines, and said in an update video that she “not to share the details of what was told to me for legal reasons.”

Nina’s videos documenting the ordeal have racked up millions of views, with commenters offering their sympathies in the wake of such a trying time.

This is just the latest pet-related fiasco to go viral on TikTok after cat-lovers united with the adorable ‘P for Papas’ trend that took off on the platform.

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