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Olivia Rodrigo slammed by Taylor Swift fans over Kim Kardashian PR package

Published: 28/May/2021 20:29

by Virginia Glaze


‘Driver’s License’ singer Olivia Rodrigo is facing backlash from upset Taylor Swift fans after gifting Kim Kardashian a PR package to promote the release of her first album, SOUR.

Olivia Rodrigo has become one of the internet’s favorite artists as of late. The Disney star went viral on TikTok upon the release of her song ‘Driver’s License’ earlier this year, and her new album is getting similar treatment.

In fact, SOUR has broken two records, with Rodrigo scoring two number-one singles on the Billboard Global 200 and even breaking the Billboard Hot 100. That’s nothing to sniff at!


Despite all the pomp and circumstance surrounding her debut album, it doesn’t look like everyone’s happy with Rodrigo’s newfound success. Fans of Taylor Swift are bristling at the ‘Good 4 u’ singer for gifting a special PR package to Kim Kardashian to promote SOUR.

Kim K Olivia Rodrigo note PR package
Instagram: Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian shared a decked-out PR package she’d received from Olivia Rodrigo to promote the release of her debut album, SOUR.

Kim shared the cute package via Instagram, showing off a t-shirt, notebook and paint-splattered trunk, alongside a hand-written note from Rodrigo thanking Kim for supporting her music and sending love to her family.

While some viewers might be scratching their heads over this sudden display of hostility toward Rodrigo, there’s a bit of history behind the Swiftie’s vitriol; back in 2009, rapper Kanye West (the now ex-husband of Kim K) infamously stole the mic from Taylor Swift during the MTV VMA’s, kickstarting one of the biggest celebrity feuds in the music biz.


In 2016, West released his song ‘Famous,’ which notably included the line: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous,” referring to his stunt at the VMA’s.

Swift later expressed some concern about the song when it was released, claiming that she had not approved the lyrics despite Kanye claiming that he’d gotten her permission on a phone call.

However, Kim Kardashian was quick to defend Kanye, releasing video footage that showed Swift approving of the song.

Needless to say, fans are still hanging onto this drama years later, spamming Rodrigo’s Instagram page with the “snake” emoji and calling her out for being a “fake” friend to Taylor.


Olivia Rodrigo comments
Instagram: Pop Faction
Rodrigo’s Instagram comments became filled with angry Taylor Swift fans shortly after Kim K’s PR post went viral.

It’s worth noting that plenty of other listeners in the Swifty fanbase are decrying this behavior, and are encouraging Rodrigo’s endeavors while noting that she’s free to send PR packages to anyone she so chooses.