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NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes hilarious Twitch cameo

Published: 7/Sep/2020 7:16

by Andrew Amos


New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has shown that she knows what “the kids” are down with nowadays, making a hilarious Twitch cameo on the ever-wholesome IRL broadcast of Broxh.

When the beloved Kiwi woodworker Broxh started his stream on September 7, he teased that he would have a special guest on later in the broadcast. It could have potentially been another NZ based streamer, or a popular personality.

However, it was bigger than that; Broxh managed to get New Zealand’s current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, on for a casual chat to talk about his artwork and Twitch streaming ⁠— live in front of thousands of viewers. Everyone in chat was seemingly in shock at the surprise crossover.


Of course, the two got up to some hilarious antics. Ardern, who even professed to be an avid viewer of Broxh’s content, called on the streamer to do one of his signature hair flicks on broadcast. She even said it looks “more luxurious in real life.”

She asked Broxh about the ins and outs of the streaming world, and his rapid rise through Twitch. The wholesome Kiwi streamer broke out earlier in 2020 for his chill woodworking streams, where he’d bring the Twitch community into his shed for the day.

He also has turned down numerous big donations, instead choosing to give it away to charity, or even trying to refund it. Ardern acknowledged this, claiming Broxh is “the most humble person on Twitch.”


Broxh, in turn, put on a woodworking masterclass for the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. After talking through the stories he is trying to tell with each of his pieces, Ardern took up the tools to crack on herself.

“You make it look really easy,” she said, as she chiselled away at the piece of wood. She was being a bit cautious, trying not to take off a big chunk and ruin Broxh’s work, but the streamer was just enjoying the company.

She even hit a dab for good measure on her departure, as the chat raved on about the collision of two of New Zealand’s most beloved people on Twitch.


The ever-busy Ardern, who has been New Zealand’s leader since 2017, was only on for five minutes before she had to “dash out” for another meeting. However, she could potentially make another cameo appearance on her very own Twitch channel sometime down the line ⁠— who knows.