Wholesome streamer Broxh reveals Twitch sub money plan after viral fame

by Isaac McIntyre
Twitch: broxh_ / Twitch


Wood-carving streamer Broxh has found new internet fame after a wholesome clip of him rejecting Twitch subscriptions went viral ⁠— now the humble Kiwi star has revealed how he plans to spend his new sub money.

In a climate where Twitch stars are demanding viewers nick their parent’s credit cards to pay for subs, or calling their fans “cheapskates” for not forking out $5, the online community was in need of a bright light. Enter Broxh.

The Kiwi streamer joined Twitch more than a year ago. Since then, he’s been content sharing his wood carving adventures with a half-dozen viewers at a time. That is, until he attempted to return three gifted subs on April 20.

Broxh stunned the internet by trying to return gifted Twitch subs on April 20.
Twitch: Broxh_
Broxh stunned the internet by trying to return gifted Twitch subs on April 20.


During his Monday broadcast, the New Zealander did the unexpected. After receiving three tier-1 subs, the carver stopped what he was doing to ask a question: “Can I give the money back?” It was a moment that won the internet over.

Broxh was soon inundated with a hefty host more “unnecessary” subs. His inactive channel even had a sub-train running while he slept. Now the Rotorua streamer has revealed what he’ll do with the money ⁠— and it’s as wholesome as you’d expect.

“So I had an idea for the sub money… I think I’m just going to buy more wood for the stream,” the New Zealand revealed after discovering how many subs he’d earned after going viral. “I’ll give the rest away to my family, and my mother.”


"You can watch for free!"

Broxh has made it very clear he has no interest in making money from Twitch either, despite the subs that keep rolling in. He’s nearly hit 50,000 followers, according to TwitchTracker, but the Kiwi has a simpler plan for his new-found fame.

“The main thing why I do it is to showcase my culture to the world. Thank you for all the subs that have come through, but you don’t have to sub. You can watch for free!” he said in a clip shared on Twitter on April 23. 

“Just watch me do my work, come and talk. I just want to showcase this art form to you. That is the thing that matters to me. Enjoy the ride. We will try and get this piece finished," he added. "And please don't subscribe either!"


For those hoping Broxh may take his new-found fame into a proper Twitch career too, it does not look likely. During his April 24 broadcast, the rising Kiwi star admitted his laptop is “a bit sh*t,” and doesn’t let him play games on-stream.

He loves playing World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, he added, but streaming them may be "a bit of a hassle." What we will see, though, is plenty of carving ⁠— Broxh has been doing it since he was 12, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon.