Nyanners “face reveal” on Twitch has VShojo star’s fans in stitches

VShojo VTuber Nyanners smug smile on TwitchTwitch: Nyanners

Nyanners is known for hiding behind her cute pink cat girl avatar. However after showcasing her IRL self in a ghillie suit a few weeks back, she has now given everyone the “face reveal” they’ve been waiting for.

Nyanners is a popular VTuber with almost a million followers on Twitch. And similar to many other VTubers in the sphere, she keeps her face and identity hidden from the public.

But during her stream on November 30, she gave her adoring viewers a short peak at her true identity — which took thousands of viewers off guard.

Prior to the reveal, the anticipation is palpable. After gaining a massive fan following, Nyanners was finally ready to unveil her true identity. Fans were excited to finally see the VTuber’s true face.

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“I’m going to adjust my camera. Just a second, hold on,” Nyanners tells her viewers, as she sets up for her big reveal. The background music then changes into a solemn melody, hyping up the moment.

Nyanners ends up completely trolling all her viewers, showing her real body but hiding her face behind a frightening cat mask.

“Ah sh*t! Ah sh*t!” she exclaims in her cat mask, while her Twitch chat dies laughing.

Nyanners reacted to her own face reveal after the fact too, although she spotted something many fans didn’t get the first time around.

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“I forgot there’s a huge f**king reflective mirror behind me, you can see the back of my head,” Nyanners says, breaking down laughing. “It’s so f**king cringe.”