Ninja explains how streaming on Mixer makes him feel “like a little kid again”

Eli Becht

Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins made the move from Twitch to Mixer for all of his livestreams and has now opened up about how the decision has made him feel like a kid again.

Ninja’s surprise move to Mixer shocked the gaming world but it seems like there’s a whole lot more to the switch than what meets the eye.

Many people are focused on what he may or may not have been paid by Microsoft to cross over to their platform, although it looks like it was an important move to himself as well.

Twitter: NinjaNinja announced his move to Mixer with a hilarious announcement video.

“It wasn’t easy to be like ‘Hey, let me leave this platform I’ve been streaming on for eight, nine years and start fresh,'” he explained during a livestream. “And being like the biggest streamer and moving, imagine not being the number one streamer and making that decision.”

Ninja had over 14 million followers on Twitch when he decided to sign an exclusive deal with their rival platform, which was easily the highest at the time. 

With the switch, the former Halo player has said he would like to see other streamers follow in his footsteps, while also explaining how he feels like a little kid again.

“I would love for more people to follow, I think that everyone would enjoy this platform,” he said. “Dude, I literally feel like a kid again man. I feel like a little 5-year-old streaming for the first time. That’s how I feel after switching over to Mixer and I love it.”

It’s no surprise that Twitch chat can be toxic at times, and it has taken its toll on Ninja over the years, especially after he blew up in the mainstream.

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    It also doesn’t hurt that the first two months Ninja is on Mixer it is free to subscribe to his channel.

    Mixer subscriptions normally cost $5.99 a pop, so two months free is definitely a good deal that shouldn’t be passed up if you plan on watching him.