Ninja accidentally leaks information on CouRage’s upcoming announcement

couragejd - Instagram / 100 Thieves

Twitch star Tyler ‘Fortnite Battle Royale streamer.

It looks like the cat is out of the bag for who will be joining the organization next if Ninja’s word is to be trusted, and it definitely seems like it is.

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Is CouRage joining 100 Thieves?

During Ninja’s stream on May 24, he was talking about NICKMERCS departure but then talked about CouRage joining the team, something that hasn’t been announced to the public yet.

“NICKMERCS is a little bit bigger than CouRage,” said Ninja. “But CouRage recently signed with 100 Thieves, clearly, I don’t think Jack would do that if it wasn’t a great org with great contracts.”

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DrLupo instantly knew Ninja made a blunder and DM’d him on Twitter, where Ninja then tried to say that was just an assumption. 

When is the announcement coming?

CouRage has been teasing an upcoming announcement all May, which now seems likely that this was the announcement he has been teasing.

Matthew ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag previously confirmed that CouRage was going to sign with 100 Thieves during the PromaxGames 2019 marketing conference on April 17, but we were advised by a source that at the time a contract hadn’t been agreed upon yet.

With Ninja’s leak, it now appears the announcement is imminent.

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This signing of CouRage would be a huge move for 100 Thieves as he’s one of the largest Fortnite streamers on Twitch along with being one of the most entertaining.

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CouRage’s announcement is on May 28 so we’ll see if that’s what he has to announce.