NICKMERCS has one major issue with possible Apex Legends pro career

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Apex Legends continues to impress streamers and pros alike, with FaZe content creator NICKMERCS considering a move into the professional circuit following some great tournament results. 

Respawn’s futuristic battle royale is on the warpath, as the developers are keen to please among the success of Season 10. With new Legends shaking up the battlefield and buffs changing gameplay dynamics, the ever-shifting state of Apex Legends has been enough to bring over new high profile players.

Making the leap from Verdansk to Kings Canyon, streaming superstars TimTheTatMan and NICKMERCS are bringing the heat to Apex.

The latter, however, is considering taking his Apex career to the next level.

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Season 10 of Apex Legends has emerged as the most successful yet.

NICKMERCS considering pro Apex Legends

After spending weeks grinding it out in Apex Legends, NICKMERCS banded together with Clocky and Thompson to try their luck in the ALGS open qualifiers. Going on to reach round 3 of the tournament, the streamer noted “in my opinion, from what the chat was saying, that’s pretty good for our first run.”

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is a noteworthy place to demonstrate your mettle, in front of the whole Apex community. Considering himself this was “first tournament experience in Apex”, NICKMERCS was more than happy with his initial results. The streamer hasn’t even “hit Apex Predator” yet, but this hasn’t deterred him from setting his sights on loftier goals.

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Speaking on the next step of his Apex career, he could “definitely see” himself “playing in some more of these.”

While the streamer doesn’t know if he has the time to commit to a professional Apex trajectory, he certainly wants to “play around with it” when it comes to studying gameplay and assessing his enemies.

NICKMERCS is game for hitting up more tournaments in the future, so who knows, this could be the start of a thrilling new chapter for the FaZe streamer.