NFT owners left worried as Discord scams are exposed

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A recent string of scammers on Discord have made NFT owners more cautious about who they converse with.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have grown in popularity in the last year for their unique use of blockchain technology and representation of a new way to own art.

Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars, and huge artists like Lil Nas X have made their very own unique ones.

Owners have become increasingly wary as scammers have been using the popular communications app Discord to attempt to swindle owners of their valuable tokens.

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#3100 has become a seriously sought after NFT.

NFT scammers on Discord

According to Farokh, an NFT enthusiast, there are “several” scams running amok on Discord that NFT owners should be worried about.

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Farokh’s message read, “Several scams happening on Discord tonight. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Before clicking on links, quadruple check who it’s from and if it’s legitimate. Then check 12 more times on Twitter via trusted sources.”

Another NFT owner, GitKnocked, replied to the original tweet with a scamming story of their own. They said, “I was almost hit this morning on artchicks twitter. Looks like her right? The first one is. The second is a fake. In DM, fake account sent me a link and I told “ArtChick” that I wont even click links from her mich less randos. Then I realized the fake account and bounced.”

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Thankfully, GitKnocked noticed the account they were conversing with wasn’t the person they thought they were messaging, but a scammer.

Be careful with who you converse with and who you share your personal information with while navigating the world of NFTs, as there are people out there just looking for your information.