Nessa Barrett explains why she took a step back from ‘poisonous’ social media

. 12 months ago
Nessa Barrett poses in the mirror
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TikToker and singer Nessa Barrett has explained why she needed to distance herself from social media due to its impact on her mental health, ahead of the release of her EP ‘Pretty Poison.’

In her time on social media, Nessa Barrett has accumulated over 16 million TikTok followers, who have been hugely supportive of her flourishing career in music.

Barrett became the center of some huge drama back in April, after it emerged that she had got together with Jaden Hossler, causing drama among them and their exes, Mads Lewis and Josh Richards.

The pair came under an enormous amount of criticism online for making their relationship public so soon after the drama, and although the noise has since died down, it has no doubt had a lasting effect.

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler
Instagram: Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler
Jaden and Nessa’s new relationship has prompted a lot of drama.

On Zach Sang’s podcast, Nessa opened up about her reason for naming her upcoming EP ‘Pretty Poison,’ and it all comes back to the influencer world.

“The title ‘Pretty Poison’ kind of represents my life,” she said. “I have a huge following, and I get so many comments saying like, ‘oh, I wish I were like you, I wish I lived your life, you’re so lucky,’ but kind of like the idea of ‘Pretty Poison’ itself, it seems so beautiful on the outside, but until you’re in it it’s so… it’s poison.

“That’s kind of how my life is, and I truly do believe that no one really could walk a day in my shoes if they were me.”

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Nessa went on to explain the kind of relationship she has with social media lately. “Recently I’ve struggled with it a lot, I felt like it was bringing my mental health down a ton. It just got to a point where I would just go on an app and just instantly cry from something that I saw. It was terrible,” the singer said.

She explained that she took about a month’s break from it, having her team post for her instead, occasionally borrowing her manager’s phone to post something quickly.

Nessa has been open about her mental health in her music previously, and it seems as though many fans are looking forward to new releases from the star.

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