Jake Paul responds to backlash against his crypto investment tweets

Jake Paul making a fist with bitcoinInstagram: Jake Paul/Unsplash

Internet sensation Jake Paul has responded to criticism about his cryptocurrency investments as that’s all his Twitter feed has become about. 

For months, YouTubers and content creators have been diving into the crypto market as ‘meme coins’ and investments have caught on like wildfire.

Some, like Logan Paul, have been at the forefront of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), selling hype moments from videos as highlights to interested buyers.

More recently, his brother Jake has gotten involved with crypto investments, and can regularly be found tweeting about certain coins that he’s given involved in. However, that has caused a stir given he has such a large platform.

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Who is jake paulInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has dabbled in a lot of different things in his time on the internet.

By having such a large following, a single post from Jake and other creators can sway the market quite a bit, but he’s not out and out tweeted financial advice and advised people to follow his lead.

In fact, he believes that nobody should actually follow what he’s getting involved in and that his posts aren’t to be taken all so seriously.

“Everything I tweet about crypto is not financial advice and I wouldn’t listen to any of it,” the YouTuber turned boxer tweeted on May 17 amid some criticism from Twitter users.

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Since he’s said that, however, he has tweeted his interest in other coins, so it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting away from the crypto game anytime soon.

There are plenty of gurus that have better advice than the YouTuber out there, but with this current crypo rush, fans clearly want to be on the same side, so there will be some who follow his moves regardless of what he says.

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