NELK Boys explain how YouTube strike stopped Andrew Tate interview being posted

YouTube: NELK

The NELK Boys have explained why they were unable to upload their second FULL SEND Podcast with Andrew Tate to YouTube even though it is up everywhere else.

As the NELK Boys have expanded beyond just YouTube pranks and hijinxs, they’ve built one of the biggest podcasts around with their FULL SEND show. 

Beyond just interviewing fellow influencers and content creators, the NELK Boys have been able to grab some absolutely massive guests – including former President of the United States Donald Trump. Though, that naturally comes with some controversy and episodes have been taken down. 

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They’ve also had Andrew Tate on their podcast twice, with the first one being put out in video form. The follow-up one, though, isn’t on their own YouTube channel and they’re not sure it will be despite the fact it’s on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and even across TikTok. 

NELK Boys couldn’t upload second Andrew Tate FULL SEND Podcast to YouTube

It was something the YouTubers brought up during their podcast with Kei Cenat and apologized for not having the second Tate-focused episode up on YouTube. 

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“We got a strike on the day that we were going to upload the second one,” Kyle Forgeard explained. “I swear to God, crazy bro. Four months later we just randomly get a strike on the same day. We were right about to drop it.”

The boys noted that the episode probably would have gone “crazy” seeing as their first interview with the controversial kickboxer got 11 million views. One channel that reuploaded the second podcast apparently hit the million-view mark after only a few hours as well. 

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“When we got the strike, at that point it’s like alright, we’re gonna be at two strikes then and you don’t want to be at two strikes,” Kyle added. 

Bradley Martyn offered to put it on his own channel but hasn’t done so just yet. As noted, the video podcast exists on their FULL SEND site and on unofficial channels.

Tate’s own channels have been banned from YouTube as they’ve cracked down on content from and about him, so it’s a risk that they aren’t taking and you won’t find an official upload anytime soon.

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