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NELK Boys allegedly copyright strike YouTuber claiming to expose “casino scam”

Published: 27/Sep/2021 17:48

by Jacob Hale


A small YouTuber with just 11 subscribers has accused the NELK Boys of hitting one of his videos with a copyright strike, claiming that it “exposes” the group for being involved in a possible gambling scam.

NELK have long been very open about their gambling, with a Full Send brand that makes millions and living the lifestyle to match.

They’ve done many sponsored videos with various gambling companies and, if these accusations are accurate, have now started their own.

But, YouTuber Harrison alleges that when he posted a video alleging NELK Boys’ involvement a possible “casino scam,” he was hit with a copyright strike.


On September 24, a YouTuber with the username ‘Harris6n’ published a video to YouTube titled ‘NELK’S LATEST CASINO SCAM,’ accusing them of owning and its subsequent social media channels.

Harrison also pointed out in the now-removed video that NELK co-founder Kyle Forgeard had posted a screenshot of a text conversation with his mom, advising her to use

Harrison suggests that this is Kyle, and by extension NELK, promoting a gambling site they own, without disclosing that they own it.

The copyright strike was issued by “Timeless Inc.” but the contact email appears to be a NELK address.


NELK wouldn’t be the first influencers to be implicated in business of this sort. The CS:GO Lotto case saw gaming influencers promoting a skin-gambling site to their viewers, without disclosing their involvement in the project.

More recently, multiple FaZe Clan members were removed or suspended from the org following the Save the Kids crypto scandal, in which they were investigated for a ‘pump and dump’ with a crypto token they had been advertising.

NELK have not yet responded to Dexerto’s request for comment.