NBA star Anthony Davis joins Nuke Squad as groups fifth member

nuke squad anthony davisYouTube: Nuke Squad

Los Angeles Lakers star player Anthony Davis announced he’s joined Nuke Squad and made an appearance at their L.A. mansion to play some Warzone.

While Anthony Davis is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s recently been a free agent in the gaming market. As a huge gamer and hardcore fan of Call of Duty though, it makes sense he wouldn’t last too long on the market.

Now, the former NBA champion has announced he’s joined the up-and-coming FaZe crew Nuke Squad as the fifth member.

Anthony Davis joins Nuke Squad

Nuke Squad member FaZe Swagg showed off the crew’s new Los Angeles mansion back on May 15, which is decked out with gaming setups and even a backyard basketball court.

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AD was invited over to their streamer house for the big announcement where he shot hoops with the guys and even fired up some Warzone, showing off his impressive FPS skills.

The 29-year-old delivered the huge news himself on June 17, declaring he officially joined the content crew.

Later that day, Swagg had the NBA star on his Twitch stream and gifted him a massive diamond Nuke Squad necklace to celebrate the announcement.

Swagg said that the pendant gifted to AD is “way bigger than ours.” Being that Anthony Davis stands at a massive 6’10”, they probably looked to get the biggest pendant they could afford so it would fit him just right.

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Now that the Lakers star is part of the FaZe family, the official FaZe Clan Twitter account gave him a shoutout and gave an even better look at the pendant.

As Anthony Davis hunts for his second NBA championship next season, he’ll do it as a member of the Nuke Squad.