FaZe Swagg claims forgotten MW pistol could completely replace SMGs

FaZe Swagg over Warzone screenshotActivision/YouTube: Swagg

Warzone demon FaZe Swagg has found an overlooked pistol from Modern Warfare that he believes could be better than every SMG in the game and might even compete with the Diamatti.

It takes a lot for a player like Swagg to be impressed with a Warzone weapon. As a veteran of the scene, he’s watched everything from the days of the DMR and Dragon’s Breath to the current days of the Owen Gun and the Carl Gustaf (aka the H4 Blixen).

While the Diamatti was previously able to muscle its way to the peak of the meta throughout Vanguard Season 2, the streamer thinks he might have locked down yet another pistol that’s headed to the tippy top.

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FaZe Swagg’s Modern Warfare pistol loadout

Fortune's Keep in Warzone PacificActivision
There’s a surprise challenger entering the meta according to Swagg.

In a June 16 video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Swagg broke down exactly why he thinks Modern Warfare’s Desert Eagle could be one of WZ’s best overall secondaries.

Inspired by a video from another creator, he slapped together a loadout and tried it out for himself on Rebirth Island.

After picking up a loadout, it didn’t take long for the high-powered handgun to become useful, as the Nuke Squad founder weaseled his way out of several close situations with it.

“Alright, the Deagle is actually pretty good. It’s really fun,” he said.

Throughout the video, the Warzone giant does have some complaints about the weapon, but at the end of the day its strength overshadow its weaknesses.

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Swagg doesn’t show off his particular loadout for the weapon, but this was the standard build for the gun back when it saw a small boost in popularity towards the end of the first year of the game.

.50 GS Desert Eagle loadout

  • Barrel: FORGE TAC Enforcer
  • Trigger Action: Match Grade
  • Magazine: 13 Round Mags
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

While it lacks in the firing speed of its competitors, it packs a heavy punch and a big magazine, making it a solid option to take back-to-back fights.

Its biggest disadvantage is in being a semi-automatic weapon, naturally making it more efficient in the hands of better players who might not need as much forgiveness as something of the full auto variety.

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For anyone looking to catch a break from the usual Owen Gun or Diamatti setup though, even Swagg believes that this could be the choice for the job.