Nadeshot explains why he’s not “even mad” at Fortnite pros trashing house

Connor Bennett

100 Thieves founder and CEO Matt ‘Fortnite team at the organization’s League of Legends house.

Back on October 1, fans were left disgusted when Nadeshot showcased a brief twitter video of how Fortnite professionals Ceice and Elevate left 100 Thieves’ League of Legends house chocked full of garbage. 

With fast food bags, boxes, and drink cups lying around on computer set-ups, tables, and the kitchen units, Nadeshot labeled the sight as “disgusting,” but the full extent of the trash has been revealed – prompting a new rule from Nade for anyone who even considers following in their footsteps. 

Twitter:  100 ThievesThe ‘Rocket Mortgage’ team house has become central in 100 Thieves content.

In his ‘Our Fortnite team trashed a $10,000,000 home’ video, the former Call of Duty professional gave fans an extended look at the trash at how they hit every fast food spot in existence. “Honestly, I’m not even mad,” said Nade after giving fans a brief tour of the mess. “Now that I’ve actually looked at these bags, I’m not even mad that they left the house like this.”

The 100 Thieves CEO stated: “You guys are young kids, I get it. When I lived at the OpTic house, my room probably looked similar to this –  at a smaller magnitude, because the room was smaller – but f**k guys, this is bad.” 

He continued on: “This is really, really bad. I’m instating a new rule that Hector had for us. Any time you leave a piece of trash anywhere, $250 fine per piece of garbage.”

Nadeshot even revealed that the team had messaged him to say they agreed to order maids to clean up after them but didn’t follow through on that idea – leaving the 100 Thieves CEO pretty baffled.

Either way, with his H3CZ-inspired rule now in-play, no 100T player will want to fall foul of leaving their trash lying around, especially not when it could cost you a ridiculous amount of cash instead of buying some cheap garbage bags and taking a few minutes to clear up.

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