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MrBeast teases PewDiePie Super Bowl video in deleted Tweet

Published: 27/Jan/2019 20:38 Updated: 27/Jan/2019 21:14

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson may have hinted at a major update in regards to his campaign for YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, as stated in a now-deleted Tweet.

MrBeast published a Tweet on January 25, urging his fans to peep the upcoming Super Bowl – which could hint at his previous plan to create a Super Bowl commercial advocating for PewDiePie, in light of his ongoing battle against Bollywood label T-Series.

“Make sure you guys watch the Super Bowl,” MrBeast wrote, going on to delete the Tweet shortly thereafter.

MrBeast’s deleted Tweet could have confirmed an upcoming commercial for PewDiePie at the 2019 Super Bowl.

MrBeast likewise commented on an episode of Drama Alert that could provide further hints at the actual content of his possible commercial, claiming that it will be similar to Jake Paul’s recent ad for popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

“Jake’s video was literally my video on [a] low budget lol,” MrBeast commented.

Jake Paul’s super bowl initiative is markedly similar to that of MrBeast’s, who commented on the issue in an episode of Drama Alert.

MrBeast raised the possibility of a Super Bowl ad during his video saying ‘PewDiePie’ 100,000 times, alongside a probable trip to India to advertise for PewDiePie’s success over T-Series. However, a local Indian YouTuber has already accomplished this feat – even asking passersby to quote lyrics from ‘Bitch Lasagna.’

MrBeast likewise introduced a limited-time contest, with the chance for fans to appear in one of his upcoming videos – should they purchase an article of his merchandise before the month ends.

MrBeast recently signed onto talent agency Night Media, joining the likes of pro Fortnite player Ian ‘SSundee’ Stapleton and YouTube gamer Preston ‘PrestonPlayz’ Arsement.


KSI starts hilarious “beef” with Minecraft star TommyInnit

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:13

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star-turned-boxer KSI has struck up yet another humorous “feud” with the uber-popular Minecraft influencer TommyInnit — leading to a completely hilarious and unexpected response from the gamer.

When it comes to fandom feuds, most bystanders know better than to get involved… but when content creators themselves declare war against each other, it’s almost impossible for viewers to not take an interest.

This time around, British rapper and influencer KSI has taken some shots at TommyInnit — all for the jokes, of course. While the two have “duked it out” on social media before (all for the lulz), this time, a slew of other high-profile names are getting involved in a chuckle-worthy social media showdown.

On February 24, KSI stirred the pot with a tweet that caught the attention of Minecraft fans all over the app: “Sidemen fanbase > Minecraft fanbase.”

A short while later, the commotion caught the attention of none other than MrBeast, who replied: “Anyone else waiting with popcorn for TommyInnit to reply?”

It wasn’t long before the British Minecraft star chimed in on the situation with a series of responses that left the internet in stitches.

“Mr Beast,” he began “I don’t do drama Mr Beast. I just tell people who are wrong why they’re wrong, and why they’re f***ing stupid. KSI is almost always wrong. He’s never been right. He just sits there dissing people in his ivory tower, meanwhile I’m sat here on Reddit studying algorithm. F*** him.”

However, it was Tommy’s next response that took the joke even further, with the YouTuber poking fun at his own viewers: “Tommy fanbase is a bunch of 12 year old girls who fangirl over him. Same for Carl and Dream, and Sidemen fanbase who can handle jokes.”

The Minecrafter then jokingly asked his fans to ratio KSI’s Tweet — a request that fellow Minecraft personality Quackity graciously agreed to, writing: “I just think it’s funny when old people get less likes. Signal boosted.”

While this is far from the first time KSI has effectively “stirred the pot” with the Minecraft fandom, their “feud” is no more than playful banter and humorous jokes — which are currently giving their respective fanbases a hilarious interaction that has some calling for a diss track.