MrBeast teases brand new YouTube video set in Antarctica

MrBeast giving tour around his $14 million studioYouTube: Mrwhosetheboss

In a Twitter post, YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has teased the release of a new video created in the frosty desert of Antarctica. While not 100% confirmed that’s why he was there, it wouldn’t surprise anyone.

MrBeast is an immensely successful content creator. His content has gone viral many times over, providing innovative video ideas and feel-good satisfaction with his mega productions.

The man has studied the art of YouTube video marketing and has mastered the creation of high quality videos, earning himself the most subscribed individual content creator on the platform. Therefore, whenever he teases a new video, the world eagerly waits in anticipation.

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His next one though, might be one of the most ambitious yet — that’s if you read between the lines.

On December 5, MrBeast made a post on Twitter stating: “I spent the last week in Antartica without signal, what did I miss?”

MrBeast lives and breathes content creation. There is no doubt he was creating another high production YouTube video in Antarctica. He confirmed the video’s production when called by Eric ‘Airrack’ Decker, who contacted MrBeast to congratulate him on winning Creator of the Year at the Streamys.

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“Sorry I couldn’t make it, I literally just got back from Antarctica like five seconds ago. I just got off a plane. I was filming a video in Antarctica,” MrBeast stated in the video.

With how outlandish his video ideas get, it’s nearly impossible to guess the premise of his unreleased video.

Maybe he bought a chunk of land in Antarctica and is giving it away to some polar bears, or maybe he’s giving some penguins a $10,000 budget to change their lives! Or perhaps this video he has in the works will focus on his own adventures, rather than highlighting competition among a select group of people.

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In his latest video, he had 100 kids face off against 100 adults for $500,000. And in a previous video, he literally crashed a plane and went into survival mode.

Whether he gives away money or willingly places himself in a life-threatening circumstance, keep an eye out on MrBeast’s upcoming YouTube video in Antarctica, which may release any time ranging from a couple weeks to a few months.