MrBeast teases plans to travel to space for “unfathomable” YouTube video

mr beast in space

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has hinted at a massive collaboration with Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezo to go to space.

The internet is pretty familiar with MrBeast and his entertaining, over-the-top, and philanthropic videos — some of which cost him millions of dollars to make.

With his videos evidently getting crazier and crazier with each upload, there’s absolutely no telling what’s next from Jimmy and his crew.

While they say the sky is the limit, that might not true for MrBeast, as he’s teased a new video that is quite literally out of this world.

Is MrBeast going to space?

During a podcast with FULLSEND on September 29, the YouTube star was asked about any potential video ideas he has for going to space. Unsurprisingly by this point, MrBeast revealed he might have something up his sleeve next year.

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“There will be something like next year that… yeah. You’ll see something, it’s almost unfathomable,” he said.

While trying to avoid saying directly that he’s heading to space, he confirmed there’s something going on behind the scenes, but noted that things are yet to be finalized.

“I’m f**king terrified,” he admitted. “Less than a thousand people have gone to space, and think about all the people that have died on the way up. Space travel is great, it’s safe. We’ll find out when I go.”

(Timestamp at 1:43:09)

While he won’t be the first YouTuber to go to space, with the likes of Dude Perfect’s Coby Cotton beating him to it.

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Nonetheless, it’s unclear when we’ll be seeing MrBeast among the stars or what he’ll actually be doing up there. However, rest assured it’ll be another banger video.