MrBeast reveals “giga brain” reason why he hasn’t been posting YouTube videos

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s YouTube video uploads have been few and far between lately, and he revealed the “giga brain” reason why — he’s working on two massive new projects.

MrBeast’s YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed on the platform. He crept into the top five after surpassing 90 million subscribers, and his content is among the most creative and innovative on the list.

Not only does he have the formula for success on the platform down to a science, but he also pumps out videos in quick succession. In 2021, he posted 27 videos on his main channel, averaging around two per month.

However, things have been a little slower in 2022. Five months into the year, he’s only posted three. There’s a reason why — he’s working on two massive projects that could rival his $3.5 million Squid Game video.

MrBeast Squid Game
MrBeast’s Squid Game project was one of his biggest.

Initially, MrBeast only intended to reveal a sneak peek of an upcoming project. “We’re in the early stages of recreating Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (this photo is like 10% of it),” he said.

“Why didn’t someone tell me this would be so hard?”

It’s still a work in progress. However, the picture reveals what looks exactly like a scene from the iconic movie. At this stage, it has grass, rocks, lollipops, and a bridge but will soon have a lot more, including a chocolate river.

That’s not all, though. He revealed another ambitious project that he’s working on at the same time. “While building this, we also have to terraform an island,” he said.

“I’m giving away an island for $100 million.”

However, large islands aren’t cheap. They cost around $20 million. So, to mitigate production costs, he bought an “ugly big island” instead and has been terraforming it by importing trees, sand, and more to make it look more picturesque.

These two projects have taken up a lot of his time. That’s why video production has slowed down.

“Please excuse the lack of videos. My giga brain thought it’d be a good idea to do two Squid Game level videos at the same time.”

So, it seems like MrBeast has decided to trade off quantity for quality, and it’s paying off. His YouTube stats are on the rise, and once these following two projects drop, there’s a good chance they’ll rise even more.

However, given their size and scale, it might be a while before we see them on YouTube, especially considering how long production can take.

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