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MrBeast turns the tables on paparazzi who followed him to dinner

Published: 3/May/2022 20:09

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star ‘MrBeast’ turned the tables on paparazzi who’d followed him to an evening dinner outing — and ended up critiquing their YouTube channel, in the process.

Paparazzi seem to be par for the course in the life of a celebrity.

Things haven’t changed much throughout the years — except that paps’ catalogue of stars to follow around has expanded to include internet celebrities and social media influencers.

Paparazzi have also created a space for themselves on social platforms. For example, The Hollywood Fix and The Daily Stardust have gathered sizable audiences on YouTube and Instagram, where they upload their interviews with celebrities and influencers.


Most recently, the mind behind the Daily Stardust account caught up with YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson while he was grabbing dinner in Los Angeles.

Rather than brushing off the photographer, Donaldson actually engaged in a pleasant conversation with him, asking him all sorts of questions about the industry and even enquiring about the supposed “network” of paps in the area.

MrBeast posing for an Instagram picture
Instagram: mrbeast
MrBeast is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators.

MrBeast critiques paparazzi’s YouTube channel

The Daily Stardust answered that they and other paparazzi cover a slew of areas throughout California, and even get tipped off about certain celebrities’ locations. However, they admitted that they also hang around certain celeb hotspots in the hopes of scoring a few pics.


Perhaps the most humorous part of the conversation happened after Stardust asked MrBeast for tips on his YouTube channel.

Donaldson didn’t hold back with his comments, saying that “your thumbnails could be a lot better.”

He also appeared to entertain the idea of allowing paparazzi to join in on his high-stakes challenge videos — although the jury’s still out of that’ll ever become a reality.

Donaldson said that he was in the area to film a video, although he couldn’t let slip what the forthcoming project is. It’s been three weeks since he last uploaded, leaving fans anxious to see what his next big project could be… although it probably won’t include paparazzi this time around.