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MrBeast gives bizarre $10k reward in epic Minecraft survival challenge

Published: 17/Sep/2020 12:05

by Georgina Smith


MrBeast has unleashed yet another crazy Minecraft challenge on his subscribers and friends over on his gaming channel, pitting them against each other on sky-high mini islands to be the the last one standing, and win a huge $10,000 gift card.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has become well-known on YouTube for his bizarre challenges that often has his friends and subscribers battling each other, or enduring a difficult feat in order to win an enormous prize (or avoid an embarrassing punishment.)


In previous challenges on his main channel he’s had volunteers compete to remain on a $700,000 island for the longest time to win the grand prize of the island itself.

Mr Beast Private Island
YouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast bought a private island as a part of his three part video series.

He’s also brought the craziness over to his more recent gaming channel where he installed a GTA V chaos mod onto his friends’ computers, and had them battle it out to win the most in-game cash to avoid having to stand at the side of the road in a hotdog costume with an embarrassing sign.


The arena for this particular challenge was Minecraft, where Jimmy had set up 100 tiny sky islands with limited resources. The aim was for the players to fight each other to the death, the last person standing to win a $10,000 dollar Taco Bell gift card that would ensure they’re “able to eat Taco Bell for free until they die” according to Mr Beast.

One of the first to go was Jimmy’s friend Chandler, not even lasting a minute before he was knocked over the edge after players began building bridges to each other’s islands.

At one point with ten people left in the game, Jimmy decided to speak to one of the players directly and ask how they felt being so close to the prize. But as his friends cried “don’t pay attention to Jimmy,” one wrong slip left the player plunging to their death.


After a brutal lava battle, player bitterlimey was deemed the winner of the huge gift card, who ironically had never been to Taco Bell before, though he likely won’t be able to get enough of it after this challenge.

MrBeast began making YouTube videos in 2012 at the age of just 13, and in his stint on the platform has amassed over 43 million subscribers on his main channel, and a further seven million on his gaming channel.


TikToker claims David Dobrik stole his designs for Dispo app

Published: 14/Oct/2020 1:19

by Bill Cooney


A popular TikToker is claiming that he came up with the design rebrand for YouTube Star David Dobrik’s ‘Dispo’ photo app, and even met with the influencer before seeing his ideas used in the final product.

Dobrik’s ‘Disposable’ app came out in December 2019, and was recently rebranded as ‘Dispo,’ a photo-sharing social media app with a retro spin on your regular Instagram clone. 


Instead of being able to see and edit your pictures instantly, you have to wait until 9 AM the next day for them to “develop,” and can’t touch them up beforehand – much like a disposable film camera, hence the name.

Despite the creative idea, Dobrik is coming under fire from those who think he stole some of the designs for his Dispo rebrand from TikToker ‘karimxismail,’ based on a series of TikToks posted before the app came out.

@karimxismail@daviddobrik consider this series my job application 😊 part 2 is already up! ##fyp ##dreamjob ##disposable♬ OUT OF TIME – Luke Elgie

Back on Sept. 18, Ismail posted what was basically a five-part video application attempting to get the attention of Dobrik to work on Dispo, a name he suggests during the above clip.

The YouTuber even commented on one of Ismail’s TikToks a day later on Sept. 19 calling his ideas “dope,” adding further credibility to his side of the story where he got completely cut out of the deal.

Dobrik Tik Tok Dispo
Dobrik’s Reply to Ismail on Sept. 19.

Neither mentioned the project again until news broke that Dispo had received a $4 million investment from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture fund.

@karimxismailReply to @daviddobrik YES, IT’S HAPPENING… together, let’s build the platform WE want ##fyp ##dreamjob ##daviddobrik♬ OUT OF TIME – Luke Elgie

Shortly after that announcement, Karim posted two TikToks detailing his experience with Dobrik ahead of the brand’s reveal, claiming he met with the YouTuber and Natalie Mariduena, Dobrik’s assistant and business partner. According to him, both saw his ideas/designs and “loved them.”

But after a “brief correspondence,” Karim said that the team told him they were “going in a different direction.” He noted that Dobrik and his team did trademark the Dispo name six days after his initial video, but he doesn’t seem to be upset with David for potentially using his idea at all.

@karimxismailIt’s all love over here guys, let’s stay positive! ##fyp ##dreamjob ##daviddobrik♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

“They said they came up with it first,” Karim said about the Dispo name. “Whatever the names end up being, I know David would never take the features or designs I created. Now let me make it abundantly clear, I was a David Dobrik fan and I still am.”


As one would expect, some debate has broken out on social media between those who think the YouTuber shamelessly swiped the name and those who are adamant in defending Dobrik’s credibility.

However, Dobrik himself hasn’t commented on the issue at the time of writing, and as this scandal doesn’t seem likely to derail Dispo, we wouldn’t count on him saying anything at all.