MrBeast appears in official Super Bowl LVII commercial for new NFL promotion

mrbeast super bowlYouTube: NFL

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson had a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl LVII commercial, showing up in the NFL’s ‘Run With It’ video to highlight women in football.

YouTuber MrBeast is probably most well-known for his insane challenges and feats on the video-sharing platform. With over 133 million subscribers on just his main channel on YouTube, he’s arguably one of the most popular internet celebs in the public eye today.

With the Super Bowl LVII just finished, fans were able to watch through the showing, with keen-eyed ones able to spot out MrBeast as he appeared in one of the marquee ads during some downtime.

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MrBeast was sure to help out viewers, however, announcing earlier on his Twitter that he would be a part of the show in one of the commercials.

MrBeast appeared in the Run With It commercial, which specifically looked to highlight women in football, with the end tagline: “To the women pushing football forward, we can’t wait to see where you take this game.” The commercial follows Diana Flores, a Flag Football Global Ambassador as she is pursued by everyone else in town.

The YouTube star appears about a minute into the commercial, pretending to be one of the mallgoers who are bystanders to the epic chase that Diana Flores is undertaking. As one of the pursuers passes MrBeast, the camera turns over and highlights him, just in time for him to say “I missed it.”

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His appearance did not go unnoticed, however, with many Twitter users tweeting out about seeing him. A welcome surprise to many younger fans tuned into the big game. Funnily enough, MrBeast took to Twitter to reprise the same role he had in the commercial by going out of his way to say he can’t believe he missed it.

With MrBeast being the latest YouTuber to appear in a Super Bowl commercial, it paves the way for the future Super Bowls to contain many of our favorite internet stars. Who knows who we may see on the screen in the future.

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