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Mr Beast teases “millions” spent on upcoming YouTube videos

Published: 13/Nov/2019 1:54

by Virginia Glaze


Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of the biggest names on YouTube, known for giving away generous amounts of cash and orchestrating insane challenges. But his content doesn’t come cheaply.

While it comes as no surprise that giving away an entire lot of used cars and handing out literal thousands on college campuses can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, MrBeast has teased the budget of a few of his future videos.

As if spending 24 hours in the literal Bermuda Triangle wasn’t enough, the YouTuber hinted at even crazier videos to come – and how expensive these projects are.

According to the YouTube philanthropist, his projects from now until the end of the year will cost literal “millions,” as stated in a series of Tweets on November 12.

“We have some massive videos coming up that we’ve put months of work into,” he wrote. “Can’t wait for you guys to see this stuff. […] I’m literally spending millions of dollars on content between now and the end of the year.”

Compared to his previous figures, this would make MrBeast’s future projects some of his most expensive yet: the YouTuber claimed that he’d spent less last year, which led up to his current major fame on the platform.

During an April episode of the H3 podcast, Donaldson claimed that he’d spent $500K on videos in 2018 alone. Of course, this also includes his stint at the 2018 Super Bowl, where he and his squad held up signs that urged viewers to “Subscribe to PewDiePie.”

However, MrBeast wasn’t always one of YouTube’s biggest stars: in fact, the entertainer claimed that he used to make only a dollar a day, and reinvested every penny into making his content what it is today.

“I used to make a dollar a day, so I didn’t even have a microphone,” Donaldson explained during an interview with vlogger Casey Neistat. “My mindset was just ‘reinvest everything I make’ – every time I got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget.”

It seems that MrBeast’s mindset has paid off – and his upcoming videos promise to be bigger than ever before.

World of Warcraft

Twitch streamer avoids speeding ticket thanks to WoW Shadowlands

Published: 24/Nov/2020 10:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 10:57

by David Purcell


World of Warcraft Shadowlands finally arrived on November 23 and while one Twitch streamer drove home far too fast to load it up with friends, the Police officer who stopped them completely understood. 

As many members of the community will know, the game’s latest expansion will bring together loads of new and returning players for an all-new story. There’s Covenants to mess around with, new quests to try out, and many will have been rushing home to play it after work.

Though, speeding is against the highway code and by driving too fast you are putting others in danger – which meant one streamer was unfortunately told to pull over by the Cops.

Usually, this would lead to a speeding ticket, but after explaining their reason for going too fast – to get home and throw Shadowlands on – the officer came in clutch and decided to turn a blind eye in what was quite a remarkable story.

Shadowlands is finally here and some are getting a bit to exicted.

Shadowlands saves Twitch streamer a speeding ticket

On release day, streamer bbnogames was already playing Shadowlands when his friend called, who presumably also streams with him.

They said: “Bro, hahaha. The Cop was like ‘yo, you know how fast you were going?’ I’m like dude I’m so sorry, this game is dropping soon, all my friends are waiting for me.

“He’s like ‘Shadowlands?’ And I’m like yeah, and he’s like OK go!”


After that, he said he was just five minutes away and eventually joined the team playing online. After that remarkable exchange with the Police officer, things went without a hitch, when really he could have been left with a hefty ticket to pay for his troubles.

Instead, they were able to link up together later in the night and jump into World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Maybe next time, he won’t be so lucky.