Mr Beast targets new retweet record with massive Christmas giveaway


What do you get when you combine MrBeast, Twitter and Christmas? The answer is a potential new retweet record, as the YouTuber offered to dish out $10,000 each to five lucky retweeters. The tweet has unsurprisingly exploded.

YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is best known for conjuring up crazy initiatives with the idea of helping make people’s lives better. This Christmas, he’s done everything from opening up his own burger chain to relaunching his “Finger on the App” challenge with a $100k prize – all in the name of charity.

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This latest giveaway is a bit more simple, and isn’t the first time he’s done a giveaway like it, either. Back in May 2019, to celebrate his birthday, he offered a $10,000 prize to a lucky retweeter, and the tweet blew up. Prior to this latest giveaway, it has over 1.1million retweets, and was easily his most popular. It’s currently sat snugly in the top 20 most-retweeted tweets ever.

In fact, it got so popular he ended up adding a secondary prize, as bonus cash prizes of $1,000 were sent to ten other retweeters as a “runner-up” prize in the competition.

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However, it’s looking like this latest giveaway, where he’s giving five random retweeters $10,000 each, has blown his 2019 one out the water. At the time of writing, it’s not quite hit the 1.1m mark

He’s got a way to go if he’s to beat the most-retweeted tweet of all-time, though. Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa offered to give away 100 lots of 1million yen ($9661.84) back in January 2019. He clocked in well over 4million retweets, so MrBeast still has some ground to catch up.

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To crack the top ten, he’ll need to outdo this tweet by Spaniard elrubius, who offered to give away free lemonade to retweeters. That sits at just over 1.5m retweets, which feels much more achievable.

Either way, the competition’s still got plenty of time left to run. If word spreads well enough, we could be seeing MrBeast smashing all kinds of records.

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