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Taylor Caniff calls out “privileged” TikTok star Chase Hudson

Published: 2/Jun/2020 16:19 Updated: 2/Jun/2020 16:26

by Alice Hearing


YouTuber and former Vine star Taylor Caniff has criticized TikTok star Chase ‘lilhuddy’ Hudson for not “speaking on” the Black Lives Matter movement.

Both Hudson and Caniff are popular internet stars, who boast followings in the millions across Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

In a tweet on Monday, June 1, Caniff posted a video of a protest in LA, and wrote: “SPEAK UP, OR IM CALLING OUT YOUR LEGS @xlilhuddy YOU’RE 2 MILES AWAY FROM THIS PROTEST COME SPEAK UP IF YOU CARE.”

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In another tweet, Caniff labeled Hudson a “top white privileged influencer,” but said he wasn’t “picking on anybody but I will use my voice.”


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Screenshots of tweets to the Instagram account @tiktokroom reveal Caniff also slammed Hudson for “enjoying his amazing new pool” and not speaking out “for the people risking their freedom.”

It appears Caniff has since deleted these tweets.


There has been a push on social media for influencers with large followings to use their voice to speak out on the issues, and Caniff claims Hudson is not doing enough.

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In addition to Caniff’s comments, Some fans highlighted Hudson’s use of a racial slur in 2019, which he later apologized for.

While lilhuddy hasn’t responded to Taylor Caniff, he has shared content related to Black Lives Matter on his Instagram story. These included a video of protests in LA, featuring fellow Hype House member Tony Lopez.


TikTokRoom later shared a video of lilhuddy saying “I want to do a charity shoot for Black Lives Matter, but that is a conversation with TikTok that we have not had yet.”

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Charli D’Amelio, a former Hype House member and ex-girlfriend of Chase Hudson, has been very vocal in support of Black Lives Matter. One TikTok she posted on the subject has amassed nearly 13m likes.

She said ‘As a person who has been given the platform to be an influencer… I have a job to inform people on the racial inequalities in the world right now.’


Meanwhile, the Hype House Instagram account has posted a black square in line with #BlackoutTuesday, an app-wide movement for users to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests.