Mr Beast planning insane collaboration with the US Navy

Georgina Smith
Image of Mr Beast standing next to image of US Navy ship

Immensely popular YouTuber Mr Beast has said that he’s planning on trying to borrow a ship from the US navy for a video, after they praised his content on the Navy’s own social media accounts.

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. Mr Beast is by no means known for being lowkey. For his 44 million subscribers he has pulled out a whole host of bizarre challenges, with ridiculously high budget rewards.

Some of his most ridiculous videos include buying a whole island for £700,000 and having his friends compete to win it, giving one small YouTuber 1 million subscribers, and even giving away a house as part of an epic subscriber giveaway.

It seems as though no one would turn down the chance to collab with Mr Beast, his enormous subscriber base and brilliant ideas certainly make it an opportunity no one would want to miss out on.

Mr Beast and friends next to a cheque
Mr Beast is known for his high budget, crazy concept videos.

Jimmy has set his sights higher than ever before with this next video idea, however, becoming interested in producing a video with the US Navy after they praised his content on their Instagram story.

“Why do you always comment on Mr Beast’s posts?” one curious commenter asked them. They replied: “We like good content” and tagged the huge creator in their story.

This prompted Jimmy to tweet out the screenshot, along with the message: “The US Navy seems to like our videos (probably the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed.) I’m going to ask them if I can borrow a ship for a video. Wish me luck lol.”

Under his original tweet he joked that he’d say to the Navy, “Hey Mr US Navy, can I borrow a ship for like two days? I promise I’ll return it!”

The possibilities for a Mr Beast YouTube video involving a ship are practically endless, and it’s no doubt that he’s already cooking up his plans for the video in the hopes they can arrange something. The Navy seem to have tried to advertise with other YouTubers in the past, so maybe this isn’t quite so far-fetched as it first sounds.

Mr Beast’s tweet about the crazy video idea has already garnered 71,000 likes, and 40,000 additional likes on his reply, so it’s safe to say that if the video were to be made it would certainly be a popular one.