Mr Beast explains why he admires PewDiePie more than other YouTubers

mr beast pewdiepieYouTube: 100 Thieves / PewDiePie

During an October 29 podcast, Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson revealed why he respects Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg so much. The rising star explained why the Swede is the perfect person to be YouTube’s most subscribed content creator.

Mr Beast’s rise on YouTube has been swift, as the 22-year-old saw an explosion in subscribers in 2019. Despite being the site’s latest sensation, the young philanthropist has often shared his love for the platform’s most subscribed individual – PewDiePie. 

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In an interview with Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag in October, Donaldson opened up about his deep admiration for the entertainer. The star also explained why he wouldn’t ever want to pass Kjellberg in numbers. 

mr beast on 100 thieves podcastYouTube: 100 Thieves
Mr Beast discussed PewDiePie on the 100 Thieves podcast.

Mr Beast explains why he admires PewDiePie

During the hour-long sit down, Mr Beast touched on subjects ranging from his obsession with YouTube, to TikTok’s future on the platform. The star also explained his deep love for PewDiePie and why he looks up to him so much.

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“I appreciate how humble he is. Literally. I’m not gonna say names, but I think you can think of quite a few YouTubers, if they were in his position, that would just be arrogant and just be a giant p**ck,” he said.

Nadeshot then joked that Pewds was “giant” and referenced his recent body transformation. Laughing, Donaldson continued, “As if he wasn’t already big enough on YouTube. I just think it’s the fact that he’s humble at that big of a size, when it would be very easy to be a p**ck.”

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(Topic starts at 36:30) 

The star wouldn’t say if he thought he would one day surpass the YouTuber in numbers, but explained that he didn’t want to. “I want to get one subscriber behind him. Get me there!” he joked.

Mr Beast has never been shy of his love for Kjellberg. In 2019 he helped lead the ‘Sub2PewDiePie’ campaign, and even pulled off a stunt at the Super Bowl promoting the content creator in front of millions of viewers. 

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Without a doubt, the 22-year-old has become YouTube’s next sensation. Despite his sudden rise of fame, Donaldson continues to pay respects to PewDiePie, who he has often cited as an inspiration for his career. 

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