Mizkif unbans over 25k viewers on Twitch and it immediately goes wrong

mizkif-twitch-unban-25000-peopleTwitch: Mizkif

Mizkif made the bold decision to unban more than 25,000 viewers from his Twitch channel on February 6, but after getting bombarded with toxic messages, he immediately regretted it.

In December 2021, Jschlatt used a bot to ban more than 100,000 Twitch users upon returning to the platform. However, Mizkif wanted to do the opposite. He decided to unban over 25,000 people from his channel during his latest stream.

“25,000 people are getting unbanned right now,” he said. “25,000 people are returning. Everyone that JSchlatt banned from his channel is getting unbanned here. Spam your hearts and smiles. Give me those Twitch Primes.”

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Miz needed to use two different bots to make this work, but he believes it was worth it because he wants to give people a second chance.

“Everybody is getting unbanned right now. Everybody deserves a second chance, boys!”

The popular streamer started regretting it almost immediately, however. Before the process had even run its course, he realized that a user who he’d just banned recently was back and already abusing him in chat again. Many others followed as the floodgates opened.

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Sensing the danger, Miz urged his mods to be on standby.

“Mods, have your swords ready,” he said. “There are people ready to fire. Be ready! They are ready to attack. Do not let them get on this fort. We own this playground.”

The mods started swinging down the ban hammer left, right, and center. Miz encouraged them to keep going. “Keep it up! Any sh***ers that get out right now and talk sh*t. I want you to throw them back in the brig!”

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Miz explained that many people who were permanently banned in the past didn’t deserve it. “I wish there were a way for me to ban them for six months, but there just isn’t,” he said. That’s what motivated him to do it.

After the deed was done, he admitted he was “terrified” about the evil he’s unleashed on his chat but also somewhat “excited.” Then, he urged everyone to be on their best behavior and carried on with the stream.

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