Mizkif forced to donate $20k to charity after losing bet with MrBeast

Mizkif and mrbeastTwitch: Mizkif/YouTube: MrBeast

Twitch streamer ‘Mizkif’ had to donate $20,000 to charity after losing a bet to YouTube philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson while playing League Of Legends on stream. 

Seeing MrBeast place bets with other streamers during their broadcast isn’t exactly uncommon. Back in September, we saw the YouTuber play a series of poker games with other creators — including one that cost Ludwig $25,000.

After Ludwig lost his money to Donaldson, he tweeted that he was the first person to ever hang out with MrBeast and lose money.

Now, Mizkif has lost $20,000 after losing a bet while playing League of Legends with the philanthropist, except this time it all went to charity.

Mizkif donates $20k to charity after losing bet to MrBeast

On January 25, Mizkif and MrBeast decided to play a few matches of League of Legends together. Right as the duo went to start their first 1v1 battle, Miz asked the YouTuber if he wanted to put money on it, and Donaldson mentioned $10,000.

“I hate when you do this. hanging out with you is the worst!” Mizkif said. “With the best 2 out of 3?”

The two friends set off to start their bet, and Mizkif started off strong as he won the first match. However, the Twitch streamer went on to lose the next two battles and was prepared to send Jimmy his initial 10,000 dollars.

However, MrBeast had a different idea as he asked: “Do you wanna do double or nothing? We queue up for a random match and if we win, you owe me nothing. But if we lose, you owe me $20k, and you can just donate it to charity.”

Mizkif ultimately lost the double or nothing match and decided to donate the $20,000 to Alveus Sanctuary.

Alveus Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary owned by Maya Higa, Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend. The couple announced their split on September 15, 2021, after two years of being together.

In Mizkif’s announcement on Twitter, he mentioned that he still planned on supporting Maya as a friend — which is made apparent with this massive donation.