Mizkif stunned to tears after Twitch sends him extremely rare gift

Twitch: Mizkif

Popular streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo broke down after Twitch sent him an incredible gift. The rare Nintendo game made the personality tear up with joy.

Mizkif’s obsession with Nintendo has been well-documented over the years, but in May, his determination to master Super Mario 64 speedruns during his live streams has become a massive hit on the platform.

To celebrate his passion for the Japanese company, Twitch surprised the star during his May 30 broadcast and sent him a gift that left him speechless. The personality broke down in tears after finally obtaining one of his dream games.

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Twitch: Mizkif
The Twitch streamer has recently been broadcasting Mario 64 speedruns.

Twitch sends Mizkif an incredible gift

Mizkif had barely started his stream when it was revealed that Twitch had sent him a gift. His girlfriend and fellow streamer ‘MayaHiga’ covered his eyes as he unwrapped the package, revealing a VGA 85 + graded copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – and it was the Collector’s Edition to boot.

The personality was speechless after seeing the unopened, mint condition N64 game, before tears began to roll down his face. He then put his hand over his mouth, before saying, “Dude what? No way. You got me the Collector’s Edition?!”

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Minutes after letting it wash over him, Mizkif finally explained how rare the Zelda game is. “Oh my God. Do you know how much this is… This is one of the best boxes!” Maya then revealed the true value to viewers. “It’s $3.5k!” she said.

Making the gift even more special, the Twitch star said that he had looked at buying this exact item in the past. “I was going to buy this. I know exactly which one you were looking at, I was gonna buy it!” The streamer then took the Zelda game out of the wrapping, and held the shiny box up to the camera, before exclaiming, “Oh my God!”

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Over on the r/LivestreamFails subreddit, Twitch partnership employee Pluto explained how the whole thing came together. “I did not pay for the gift, it’s given by Twitch. I came up with the idea. Mizkif is one of my partners, and has had amazing success with his newfound love (addiction) to SM64, so I wanted to reward that,” he commented.

Twitch employee Pluto revealed how they came up with the gift.

Mizkif expressed his love for Super Mario 64 during his May 27 stream. In a clip that has since gone viral, he showed his chat a mint copy of the game, which had also been graded by VGA. “Never opened, never subbed, 85+ VGA right there, crisp… Fantastic, dude. How much? Too much!” he exclaimed.

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During the same broadcast, Mizkif  also revealed his future plans for doing speedruns. “Since Classic World of Warcraft, I have never had a passion for video games like this. I want to continue to pursue this, and maybe hit top 500,” he said.

His dedication to the classic Nintendo title has been wildly popular, as viewers tune in to see if he can beat his previous records. At the time of writing, the star has amassed over 444,000 followers to his channel.