Mizkif says he would leave Twitch for YouTube if he got Ludwig’s offer

. 4 months ago
Twitch streamer Mizkif next to YouTuber Ludwig.
YouTube: Mizkif / Ludwig

Popular streamer Mizkif revealed that he would have left Twitch for YouTube if he was in the same position as Ludwig.

The Twitch community was stunned in November 2021 when one of its most popular content creators, Ludwig Ahgren, announced that he had signed exclusively with YouTube.

Fellow streamer Mizkif slammed viewers critical of Ludwig during his latest video and revealed that he would have also taken the same deal.

Mizkif reacts to Ludwig video.
YouTube: Mizkif
The Twitch streamer reacted to Ludwig’s video on Reddit.

Mizkif defends Ludwig leaving Twitch for YouTube

Mizkif was reacting to Ludwig’s “LivestreamFails subreddit is bad for streamers video” where he was surprised to find out that viewers were actually critical of Ahgren’s decision to leave Twitch.

“People don’t like Ludwig because he went to YouTube?” he asked. “They can shut the f**k up. Him going to YouTube was a great, great thing. You guys got to see these Twitch contracts they’re throwing out left and right. He’s a sell-out? Bro, it’s good for his brand and he makes more money. It’s a win-win. What do you want him to do?”

He then told his viewers that he would have left the platform as well if he was in the same position as Ludwig. “I would do the same damn thing! I was one of the people that told him to go over there, and he shouldn’t regret it at all!” he exclaimed.

(Topic starts at 2:49)

The OTK org owner further defended Ludwig’s decision and explained the difference between the two streaming platforms.

“Ludwig likes to enjoy life. He wasn’t to be able to go out and experience things,” he said. “He doesn’t want to have to stream 200 hours a month just to keep it. YouTube provided that, Twitch doesn’t. Twitch is a platform that wants you to stream as long as possible so they can do ads.”

Mizkif also revealed that his brand’s growth over the last year has mostly come from YouTube and TikTok and not Twitch communities such as the infamous LivestreamFail subreddit.

Who knows, maybe the streamer could eventually switch platforms – if the price is right.

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