Jeff Wittek reveals real reason he “lost all respect” for David Dobrik

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David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek smiling
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After days of calling out David Dobrik online, calling him a “fake friend” and a “sociopath,” former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek has revealed the real reason he’s so annoyed at his former friend — and it circles right back to the devastating excavator accident that almost cost him his life.

In June 2020, Dobrik was planning his grand return to YouTube and was filming a bunch of crazy content that he knew his fans would love. This resulted in him swinging Wittek around on an excavator crane and, eventually, hitting him into the side of the machinery.

Jeff filmed a series of videos about it, including his visits to the hospital, with surgeries still ongoing to this day.

In February 2022, Wittek said he was done being “fake friends” with Dobrik before also labeling him a scumbag.

Jeff Wittek David Dobrik Abandoned
Instagram: Jeff Wittek
Podcast host Jeff Wittek suffered a severe eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong.

Jeff went on his JEFF FM podcast which was published on February 25 to speak more about the problem with Dobrik, explaining why he’s actually so furious with the YouTube star.

“There’s more to why I’m pissed off and why I’m lashing out and why I’m finally speaking up than just him not texting me,” Wittek explained. “The real reason I was mad — it’s going to come out publicly in a month anyway — but David filmed a documentary and the producer of the documentary called me to show me the clip of when David addressed the situation with the crane.

“He said that it was my fault. David blamed me. He insinuated that I was crazy, that I wanted to push it and I’m the reason that this happened when that’s complete bulls**t.”

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He also said that Casey Neistat has a documentary coming, with Casey showing him a clip that “p**sed him off,” but that it would show both him and David what’s coming.

Jeff went on to reel off the reasons behind his beef with David, adding that the one thing he asked of Dobrik was that he didn’t make it seem as though Jeff wanted to get on the crane as a clout-chasing method, signaling how badly he feels let down by this now happening.

It seems as though this relationship is just about irreparable at this point, but Dobrik hasn’t yet commented publicly on the beef.