Mizkif reveals Twitch return date following breakup with Maya

Twitch star Mizkif YouTube update video imageYouTube: Mizkif

Mizkif gave an update on his life and revealed when could be returning to Twitch following his public breakup with long-time girlfriend Maya Higa.

Popular streamer Mizkif has been on hiatus from making content since September 2021 after announcing the end of his relationship with Maya Higa. The couple announced their split together on Twitter in an emotional letter addressed to viewers.

On September 27, the OTK founder gave an update to fans and opened up about what he’s been up to since the breakup. The 26-year-old also revealed the earliest he would be returning to streaming live on Twitch.

Twitch streamer Mizkif addressing breakup YYouTube: Mizkif
The popular streamer hinted about when he could be returning to Twitch.

Mizkif sets Twitch return date

In his latest YouTube upload, Mizkif revealed the changes in his life since his hiatus from Twitch. “I’ve been dealing with my parents the last few days. And they have been trying to support me. I did gain some muscle mass and that’s cool. I’ve been working out every single day. That’s all I’ve really been doing,” he said.

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The Twitch star also explained to viewers that Maya is in the process of moving out of his house. “Maya is moving out. To make it clear to everybody, yes, she is moving out. I know a lot of people are speculating for some reason and saying Maya is going to stay in my home. That’s just not happening. She’s moving out in the next few days.”

He then announced when he would likely make his return to Twitch. “I really do want to go back to streaming, badly. But I can’t yet. Especially these next few days with Maya moving out. It’s just going to be a lot of s**t for both of us to deal with and I’m not in the mood to stream. I really have no idea when I’m going to be live, but it will not be until at least October 1st.”

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October 4, 2021 update – Mizkif has announced he’s ready to return to streaming on October 5 at 3pm CST. In a video, he stated that he wants everyone to keep expectations low, as he is still getting used to the breakup and will be slowly returning to full-time streaming. He explained that he has a lot to talk about on his first stream, including details of his trip to LA to see Pokimane and MrBeast, with a tease that he might be collaborating with the YouTube philanthropist in the future.

The streamer detailed what he was feeling right now with Maya moving out. “It’s a very weird and long process of things that I’m paying for. And it’s a long thing. It’s a lot of stuff. It’s a lot of animals to move. Luckily I have money, thanks to you, so I’m able to pay for it. It’s weird, it’s kind of sad,” he said.

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Mizkif concluded his update by reiterating that the pair are still supporting each other. “I really just want to make sure I’m there for her and helping her. We’re both going to figure it out. And I think you guys understand and can respect that.”