Mizkif destroyed on Ludwig’s Twitch roast after showing up unprepared

Ludwig laughing and Mizkif sitting stillTwitch: Ludwig

With streamers including Myth, JSchlatt and WillNeff collaborating to host a roast of Ludwig Ahgren live on Twitch, OTK co-founder Mizkif flew all the way from Texas to California to join in. Only, he didn’t prepare content to roast Ludwig with.

Comedy Central’s “Roast” series is one of the most iconic in television history. The premise is basic: a celebrity sits in a chair while their friends and some comedians make savage jokes at their expense.

For his three-year stream anniversary, Ludwig was surprised by streamers including ConnorEatsPants and JSchlatt showing up at his house. He was caught completely unaware, however, when his girlfriend QTCinderella announced there would be a surprise roast at his expense.

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While Ludwig was only given 45 minutes in advance to prepare some jokes, Mizkif had an entire plane flight from Texas to California to write some material. Yet he still managed to show up without any content at all, and it didn’t end well for him.

Ludwig's subathon ending on TwitchTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig was surprised with a roast to celebrate three years of streaming.

With no jokes prepared, Mizkif had to rely on his team of mods to produce some for him, and the results were middling. “My mods say just call QT a b*tch,” he said, prompting rapturous applause from his audience.

Despite the adoration, Ludwig couldn’t resist a dig of his own at Mizkif. “He flew in from Texas for that,” he said, laughing. “He got on a plane to do that.”

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QT got her own back later on in the show when she took to the podium, referencing Mizkif’s girlfriend’s wildlife conservation work to roast him. “I have to say it’s amazing Maya [Higa] likes birds so much, that she even dated Mizkif because he has the same sized brain as one,” she quipped.

There was some light controversy after the show over Mizkif calling QT a “b*tch” live on stream, prompting QT to squash the issue on Twitter. “Mizkif is allowed to call me a b*tch,” she said. “Leave him alone.”

Mizkif came into the roast shortly after QT was accused of “cheating” on Mizkif’s OTK Schooled quiz series, which she denied. Despite the roast, it was clear there was absolutely no bad blood between the two.

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However, if he’s involved in any future roasts, Mizkif may want to fork out for the in-flight wi-fi and get himself better prepared. Otherwise, he might be in for another embarrassment.