Ludwig explains why he will never go on Mizkif’s Schooled Twitch quiz

. 1 year ago
Twitch: Mizkif / Ludwig

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has explained why he would never go on Mizkif’s OTK Schooled series, after a wave of controversy saw several streamers accused of cheating on the show.

OTK Schooled has a simple premise. Each episode, a group of content creators are invited onto Mizkif’s stream for a quiz based on subjects studied at school, with the winner claiming a grand prize of gifted subs.

However, the stream was mired in controversy on May 13 after Kaceytron admitted to cheating on the show, with others like Amouranth being embroiled in cheating controversies themselves.

Another accusation was towards Ludwig’s girlfriend, QTCinderella, who was criticized after – at the last minute – changing her answer from “Greece” to “Olympia” when asked which city hosted the first Olympics.

QTCinderella and Ludwig
Twitter: QTCinderella
Ludwig and QT are one of Twitch’s power couples.

Accusations towards QT of cheating came about over two weeks after she appeared on the show, and Ludwig instantly came to her defense.

He said: “She didn’t cheat and to think to say ‘blatantly cheating’ because she changed her answer from Greece when the question is ‘what city in Greece’, is crazy.”

He then explained why he would never go on the show himself, as he believes it would just expose him to potentially undeserved controversy.

“I don’t think I’ll ever go on Schooled, because the only thing to gain from it is to have 100 way-too-invested Mizkif fans accusing me of cheating on a game show that doesn’t f***ing matter in the grand scheme of things,” he added.

QT later supplied a rebuttal of her own on Ludwig’s stream, as she pointed out she didn’t even put the correct answer: Athens. “Don’t you think that if I would have cheated I would have gotten the question right?” she said.

With cheating accusations becoming a trend in OTK Schooled, it will be interesting to see if other streamers are deterred from making an appearance.

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