Miniminter reveals ridiculous amount he made from Deji YouTube diss track video

MiniminterYouTube: Miniminter

Miniminter tends to be more reserved than other Sidemen members, but the popular YouTuber opened up and revealed that his Deji diss track is his highest-earning video.

Randolph is an English rapper that got his start on Youtube. After appearing in several Sidemen videos and going on tour with KSI, the rapper started a podcast with Miniminter called the What’s Good Podcast.

In 2017 Sidemen members went back and forth, making diss tracks, roasting one another. The trend expanded beyond just Sidemen members as Wroetoshaw roasted RiceGum in a diss track, and KSI got roasted by YouTuber Quadeca.

The YouTuber’s 2017 diss track targeting Deji took over the internet, and Miniminter has finally revealed how much he made from the video.

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Sidemen sitting togetherInstagram: sidemen
The Sidemen have become wildly popular off the back of their original, viral videos.

Miniminter reveals highest earning YouTube video

During the What’s Good August 24 episode, Miniminter revealed how much he made from his highest-earning YouTube video.

Randolph guessed $50,000, but the YouTuber revealed he was pretty far off.

Raking in just under 69 million views, Miniminters diss track of Deji made him around $81,000.

As to why Miniminter decided to reveal the information, he said KSI inspired him. “I have always been very reserved in what I say, and I feel like I need to take a leaf out of JJ’s book and just go, you know what, It won’t affect me that much.”

Mimimiminter added he wants to make a video giving Deji a present, repaying him for profiting from a diss video and would buy Deji a gift after his fight.

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Deji defeated YouTuber Fouseytube in an Undercard bout during KSI’s ‘2 fights 1 night’ event on August 27.

Randolph suggested he buy Deji a custom chain, but Miniminter has not decided what he wants to do with the money yet.